Home at The Cockpit

Some things just happen and some things are done with calculated precision. Our home is a mix of both of these. As I mentioned before Gregg and I have always wanted to have a home of ministry. When Gregg and I lived in Valenica that played out in ways like dinners full of fellowship, bible studies, Laundromat, and always a place to stay the night, or week. We loved it, but always wished we could do more.

Our dreams started to come true when we were blessed by God though miracles to purchase a home in Camarillo. It is not large, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, standard 1979 home. But God did more then that and gave us a huge backyard with a large covered patio, great for B-B-Q’s and a round or two of Bocce Ball. And my personal gift from God to me, a Kitchen/ Dinning Room/ Family Room/ Living Room all within one space! Perfect for entertaining while still being a part of the action.

Our home just after we put in new grass!

Over the last 5 years we have been blessed with friends and family sharing our home with us for short and long periods of time. We loved having a home that was not quiet and perfectly clean. We were really living! Fellowship, crying, laughing, and sharing of the ways that God was showing himself to us. In 2009 my sister Debra, her husband Norm, and two boys Canaan and Emmaus moved in. They needed a place to stay before they moved to Africa with New Tribes Mission. This was a huge answer to prayer! Norm and Debra Copeland had been living in Canada ever since they got married and now it was my turn! It was the best! Gregg and I had found out a while before they moved to California that we could not have kids. So to have babies in the house was a dream come true! Thank You Jesus for sending me babies!!! But, they eventually had to move to Africa, leaving Gregg and I alone. This was not going to be good.

Canaan, Debra, Norm, and Emmaus Copeland.

A few weeks before Deb and Norm were to leave we were introduced to the Josh Buck, the new Youth Pastor at Church. Turns out he needed a place to stay, and with in a week of Deb and Norm moving he moved into the Guest bedroom. Josh moved into the guest bedroom where he stayed until he got married December of 2009. I could not deny, this was once again God loving me so intimately.

A few days before Josh was to move in I was sitting on the couch chatting with my close friend Kimi. She was telling me about a young man that had a desire to come help us start Emmaus, a 18-35 year old ministry we were starting up at the Church. I thought “Maybe he would like to move in!”. I immediately ran to the garage and told Gregg that I had meet a guy, (one time) and thought he / we should consider asking him if he wanted to move in! Gregg immediatly said ” Sounds good! Give him a call.”  I did. I am sure it came off a bit stocker-ish, oh well. Sure enough a few days later Matt Cross was moving in. This was the beginning of a truly blessed family!

After Josh got married, the house felt like it had a hole in it. Gregg, Matt and I started looking for who God would bring to fill it. And then there was “Josh dos (2)”! Josh Lewis was a young guy that we had been talking to about leading worship at Emmaus. He “signed up” and we moved him in. But not into the open bedroom but into Matt’s Room. Matt had asked us if Josh could move in with him and we had no issue with that, it ment that we could move in a 3rd! Who else was God going to bring to us?

A drummer!!! Josh met Albert at an EBC gathering and had talked music. Albert played the drums, well, and Josh was looking for a drummer for the Emmaus band. We encoraged Josh to call Albert up and invite him over for dinner. We didn’t want to come on too strong, but albert seemed to be a perfect fit, not only for the band, but also for that open bedroom! We prayed that Albert would not only play the drums for the band, but also move in. God answered our prayers! Albert moved in a short while later, and we have enjoyed listening to our boys write new worship songs for the band. Albert has been an amazing addition to our Family.

Matt, Albert, Josh, Gregg, and Kathleen. Family.

So now we have 3 young men living with us. They are each a blessing from the Lord to Gregg and I. Not to mention, I get to play “mom”! They are sweet enough to let me take care of them when sick and teach them how to clean a bathroom. These boys are such a direct blessing. We love them.

So that is just a bit about the family that lives at The Cockpit.



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3 responses to “Home at The Cockpit

  1. Deborah alcorn

    Speaking as the “primary” mom for one of your boys, I am truly grateful for a satillite mom for him to live with. You are a true blessing in my and his life.

  2. Mom

    As Kathleen’s mom and “grandma” to the bunch… I love watching this family flourish. Though I must admit I missed the whole sitting on Grandma’s knee part! Chuckle! I am blessed to watch God grow His children up! I am praying for you Kathleen and all your boys!

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