“So what’s going on tonight?”

There is almost always something going on at the Cockpit! It amazes me that we have not grown tired of always having the house “open”, but so far the doors are still unlocked! Who thought the sound of a door bell would make us all look around in confusion and cause us to say “Who would be ringing the bell? Is someone expecting a package?”.

Our week usually consists of at least 2 or more guys sleeping over at the house. We have been know to squeeze 3 queen size aero beds in the Family Room when needed. This is such a joy for us. We LOVE having people to stay, and I have to say, young men are the easiest. All they usually want or expect is a spot on the floor, but I love making them a bed that can feel as comfortable as possible. Gregg hoped on a Woot deal and got us 3 Aero beds. We use them all!

Albert's brother and 2 friends slept next to the piano. Two others slept in the living room that night. It was a full house!

One of my favorite activities is when a casual dinner for four turns into a gathering of fifteen or more. The table only seats ten if we squeeze so we often spill in to the Living Room. It always turns into a great night of laughs and good food. I don’t usually cook diner every night. All of our schedules are so different I usually end up cooking for myself, or eating cereal! So having a good group over for dinner is a blast!

Dad and Albert are patiently waiting for the rest of us to start. How polite!

On Monday night we host our girls group (GiGi) leaders meeting at 5:30 and then the  GiGi girls come over for our weekly bible study. That usually lasts untill 9:30 and then the boys come home to turn the later part of the night into a “small” gathering. Between work and the 2 meetings it is an exhausting day, but we LOVE it!!

GiGi girls made a poster for Daisy Love over the summer.

We love these girls. They have been such a big part of our life. What a blessing to watch them choose Jesus and fall more and more in love with Him.

Karyn telling us her engagement story. This seating arraignment was not planned!

We love any excuse for a party. Once we had been meeting for about 2 years GiGi got to large to accomplish all of the goals that Kimi and Abby and I had for the group. God lead us to multipl and train up new leaders to join with us in creating 3 GiGi groups. We now gather on the first of the month as a large group for a night of fellowship. It is a blast!

Workout night! Any excuse to get together!

GiGi Red & Green Christmas Party

We also love to host the Emmaus group when ever we can for a special speaker, BBQ, Christmas Party and more. We love having this young group of men and women over for a time of fellowship and growth.

Boys hanging out by the BBQ

Girls Being Silly!

Then there was Christmas in August. Yup, sometimes you just can’t get enough of the holidays! We had a bunch of friends over who all brought over their favorite Christmas treat and decorations. We gathered at the table for a Christmas Dinner with all of the fixings, made gingerbread houses, and watched Elf. It was a blast. These are the nights that we will never forget! Here are a few photos of our Christmas in August!

They call us crazy! We love it!


House was decked out! We even had a fire burning on the screen!

Gingerbread Houses!

We are so blessed to be able to have such an active and open home! I will admit, having children will change most of this, but I sure will miss it!


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  1. Deborah Alcorn

    Actually having children will not change it too much after the first shock of changing diapers has passed. I did the same with 4 growing kids. It just means more hands to hold baby, change baby, feed baby and most important of all love and BABYSIT baby. That way your relationship with Greg can stay fresh. I know this will not happen right away, as with the first you do not want to let go, but it will be welcome even if it is just so you can take a bath, or a nap. I am praying for you and all your travels and endeavors.

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