Blankets and Bands.

These both answered my prayers tonight.

Ever sense Gregg and I had the boys move in we seem to have no storage here at the house. That means the Garage is no longer a place for cars. Unfortunetly the garage has started to look like… well a mild hoarder lives here! It is so depressing! On top of that we  have had the desire to make room for Your Bird Can Sing to practice in the garage. This was definitely not going to happen until we could find time to clean it up. The sad thing is that between Gregg and I we  seem to have no time to do this. So the poor band is “out in the cold”.   Tonight I came home, after having to go to work after bible study,  to a clean garage!!! Josh, Albert, Jake and Lindsey had cleaned and organized the whole thing!!!! It was amazing! What a blessing from God to us! Sometimes God blesses us with people who want to use your messy space! Just too cool!!!

Another obvious blessing tonight were blankets on Ebay! Tonight Gregg and I were at Bible study sharing with some friends about how we were had to pay about $180 to change our flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai due to our new arrival dates. The point that we were sharing was that even though it is a bummer to “loose” that money, we had peace that God knew this was going to happen and we can always rest in Him. God will provide if that is what will glorify Him most. Just as I was sharing this with our friends my mom, who was hosting the study, walked up and handed us a Check for $150! She had just sold some blankets on Ebay that she was selling to raise money for our Baby Fund.  God was so obviousely giving us money  for these “extra charges”! Isn’t God’s timing so fun!

What a fun night of God showing us love though such obvious blessings!

By the way… Check out Your Bird Can Sing’s web site!! If you want to hear them live they are also a part of the Emmaus worship team, so  come to Emmaus on Sunday nights! We would love to see you there!



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