Weeds and Friends

I don’t know if you get the same way, but when I am about to leave for an extended period of time you start to see things,especially around your home, differently. There are always things around the house that need special attention and time. Unfortunately when I see things before I am going to be leaveing I feel like I need to get them done now! I feel as if I am a failure or even a domestic looser if I don’t get them off of my long list of to do’s. They start to weigh on my shoulders more then they should.

One of the things that was really bothering me was how our home looked to the neighbors. The bushes and roses are over grown, the side yard is just dirt waiting for cement, and their are WEEDS. A crazy amount of weeks. There is no way I am going to be able to take care of any of them as I prepare for our trip. As a matter of fact I was so sick on Sunday that I did not get out of the house until i went to Emmaus that night. I was so blessed by being there that night, God is so cool and learning and recognizing more about him was so refreshing. I enjoyed talking with lots of people about our preparations.  After Emmaus we went to dinner with my cousins Shaun and Melanie Humphreys. When we pulled up to the house after dinner there was a strange sight. There were 3 people crouching down by the roses next to the sidewalk, and they were all wearing dark colors and hoodies. Gregg gave them a honk figuring that these were some friends looking at something that caught their attention. But to our surprise they took off running! Oh, so who were these people?? What were they looking at? Why were they their? Was something wrong? Gregg and I got out of the car to check out what they were looking at. All we found were some sticks…with shovels at the end! Wait…. was this Sean, Bree, and Jade? WERE THEY WEEDING MY FLOWER BEDS??? I remembered at that moment that I had mentioned to Sean at Emmus that there were silly things like weeds that were driving me nuts. Ok, this is just crazy amazing. What a blessing!!

When I woke up the next morning all of the weeds were GONE! They must have snuck back and finished.  I can not tell you how much of a weight was lifted off my shoulders! Thank you Bree, Shaun, and Jade. You are special people.


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