A photo diary of our trip so far.

Here are a few photos of our trip so far. I hope you enjoy them. I will admit I enjoyed taking them. After a few weeks of lots on my plate, taking photos and sitting on a plane sounded just fine with me!

Waiting in line at LAX security.

Ok, there is not much to be said, except that I am really excited about my first pair of TOMS shoes. 🙂 Oh and we did get though the line in time to get to our gate with 30 min to spare. That is good timing!

Here is a before shot. We have 24 hours of travel in front of us.

I was quite nervous about all of the travel that we had on the itinerary for this trip. Our first trip was 12 hours to Japan. This was going to be a long one. Gregg and I had stayed up the entire night before to try to set us up for some good sleep time on the plane. The other reason for this madness is that we could acclimate to Thai time faster this way. By the way  it worked!

We missed lunch by sleeping through it, but we were up for snacks!!

Gregg and I slept almost the first 6 hours of the flight! Thank God! We did pay for the upgraded seats with more leg room, and that definitely added to the comfort of the place ride. We were also sitting on the side with no seats next to our two. So there was no worrying about bothering anyone next to us. 🙂 That  was such a blessing to us.

Ginger Ale - yummy

This was my favorite item on the plane. Lucky for me, they never ran out! Oh and it is caffeine free!

The View.

This was the view for 95% of the flight to Japan. I am not talking about the wing, but the water below. One thing you will notice when you can not see anything below, you can see more stars above then you have ever seen. It was so beautiful!

The "Map" channel.

This was the best and worst channel that the plane’s entertainment had. It was a constant update of where you were and how far you had to go. The best part was when the countdown got under 20 minutes. The 12 hours is almost up! Tokyo here we come!

After photo. 12 hours down.

Woo Hoo! We are about done with the longest part of our trip! I have to say, not to bad for flying for so long!


After Gregg and I got though security we headed to our gate and was happy to find a Sushi restaurant right next to the gate! This was the best sushi we have ever had. Of corse we are in Japan! This was our first experience with the language barrier. Thank God at least one person spoke english everywhere we needed help. I hope we can eat here again on our way home!

We are almost there!

We are on our way! We only have one more flight. Only 7.5 hours on this plane, well that was until we had 185MPH head winds. Oh well it only took us 8 hours and then a while on the run way, and we were in Bangkok!

On the plane again!

This last flight seemed to take the longest. We were awake for most of it. I was able to watch 2 movies and watch a few TV shows. Oh and watch that darn Map channel!

We got our bags!

We arrived and were excited to get on our way to the Hotel! Oh and the best part of all, we got both of our bags! Now we can go rest!

Our Hotel!

We love our hotel! We have a great space and location. We are thankful for such a great place to rest and be tourists before we leave for CM.

The view

This is my favorite hotel, or apartments, that we can see from our window. We can also see all of the smog. 😦 But if you pretend that the smog is just a fog, then it is beautiful!

Good morning BK!

Gregg and I had a great night and were up early for breakfast. Thankfully the hotel offers a free breakfast, I am not sure what we could have done wit out that. We would probably would have just eaten the cookies we had in our carry on bag!

Gregg using "Face Time" to talk to the boys!

We were so excited to find that the free internet here at the hotel allowed us to use Video chatting on our computer. It was so nice to reach out and be able to chat with family and friends. Not only did we get to talk to Mom, Dad, Critter, the Boys, but we also got to video chat with Debra and the boys in Africa! So cool!

Debra and I chatting Bangkok to Senegal!


Our first Taxi ride! We were off and running! Here we come Bangkok and we ended up at the mall.But  not just any mall. This mall has everything from clothing to cars. It was fun walking around and getting a feel for the culture.

First real Thai meal!

We had a fun time walking through a huge food court at the mall. There was so much to choose from. I loved seeing all of the different foods on display. My favorite were all of the roasted ducks hanging for all to see. Gregg and I both had the same 2 dishes. The one I chose had a red curry sauce. After eating about 1/2 of the plate, the red sauce caught up with my last bit of tolerance for heat! Oh man was that hot!  To bad all I had to drink was water! haha!

Gregg being a real man and looking at a map.

Yup, I married a real man. I love that when ever Gregg and I go on a trip to any new area, I can rely on him to get us around. I get the luxury of just holding his hand!

Fancy Dinner

Gregg and I decided to go out for a nice dinner tonight. We were able to get reservations, thanks to our friend Josh, at a great restaurant here in town. We loved it. It had great food, an amazing view (52 floors up) and the best service we have ever experienced! Here are some photos from tonights dinner.

The view!

We could see so much of Bangkok from our seats. We were 52 floors up and sitting right up against the window. The city was light up beautifully!

Ice shavings to cleans our pallets.

This was a first for me. I loved it! It had the taste of raspberry and ginger. Yum!

It was to good to take time to take a photo until it was all gone!

Coconut ice cream!

Dinner was great. We had a lot of fun. We have loved our time here in Bangkok, but are looking forward to our flight tomorrow to CM. We are excited to see Josh and his Family. We look forward to keeping you all up to date with all that is going on.

Please pray for our light tomorrow and for our first Dr. appointment on Tuesday evening. There is a good possibility that they will be doing the Sperm Retrieval surgery on Wednesday (15 hours ahead of CA time) morning. Please pray for clarity and a good relationship with the Dr. But most of all please pray that in every action, thought, and reaction, that we would please God. That is the whole reason we are here, to please Him. If we get a baby out of that- BONUS! But please do pray for us. Pray that our faith would grow. It is such a good thing. Thanks again. -Kathleen

The Bowcocks in Bangkok.



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5 responses to “A photo diary of our trip so far.

  1. So cool. I shared your blog on my blog and asked my followers to come over and wish you well.

  2. Mom

    Thank you for your testimony Kathleen! There is no greater honor then to glorify God and to please Him. Your faith is a sweet fragrance of praise. I love you. I hope the sperm retrieval goes well!



  4. MomandnewfriendCarly

    Although it is not your anniversary HERE it is your anniversary THERE! So, Happy
    Anniversary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE, Mom

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