Friends and Doctors.

We made it to Chiang Mai safe and sound and we love it here! There are so many things we love here in CM. So far the best part about being here, besides the reason we are here, is our friends Josh and his wife Alicia. They have been so great! I loved them instantly. Josh came and picked Gregg and I up at the airport and immediatly helped up start to feel like we were home. As a matter of fact the fist morning we were here he took us to a local resurant to watch the Super Bowl. It was so much fun.

Gregg and I just before the Super Bowl (6:00 am)

Gregg and I at 6:00am just before we leave for the Super Bowl party.

I have told him a few times that he needs to have his own TV show. He has been the most amazing tour guide. The fist night we were here Josh and Alicia took us to the local mall to eat dinner. It was so fun! We went from vendor to vendor sampling some of their favorite foods. We loved everything they shared with us. I will admit when i have had Thai food in the states, I have not liked it. But with Josh showing us around i have fallen in love with the food. Thank God, otherwise we would be stuck trying to find “american” food and that would just be a bummer!

Our tour guide, Josh 🙂

Chicken and Peanut sauce. Yum.

Local street restaurant that Josh took us to. Great food!

Seriously good food!

We stayed and Josh and Alicia’s for one night and then spent the afternoon walking around CM in the specific area of town looking for a place to stay for the month. We decided to wait until we got here so that we could actually see the rooms before we committed to one. We found a beautiful resort like place to stay and we love it! It has one of the most beautiful pools. The only bummer is that we wanted the room that only came with two twin beds. So we pushed them together and used one of the single comforters to pad the area where the mattresses came together. That helped a lot. One of the things we loved the most was the location of the hotel and of the room itself. The hotel is walking distance to all many restaurants we really like including Starbucks.  And the room is off of the beaten bath, practically private! Here are a few photos of the room and location.

Writing this post.

Our shower. There are loose rocks at the perimeter and then a concrete slab wit rocks imbedded into it as the center.

The pool!

The walkway to the pool. Our door is right by the chair.

Gregg relaxing on the porch.

After we had found the hotel that we wanted to stay at we went back to the house to get ready for our first Dr. appointment with Dr. Supreeya. We meet her at her secondary location near the airport. Thankfully I was warned by Alicia, who had just given birth to their first a few weeks ago and who used Dr. S as her dr, that this location is the “ghetto” location that she works out of only a bit. I was glad that she gave me the warning because the location and the office itself is definitely not what we would consider, um, well comfortable.

Dr. office near the Airport

Dr. office near the airport

We were excited to see the Dr and find out what she had to say about our situation. We had talked before but just though short Emails. And our last Email was not necessarily a good one.  We did not have to wait long to see her. She brought us into her office to talk about what we needed to do first, second and third. The first thing she wants to do is the sperm retrieval surgery. This is now scheduled for Wednesday morning at 7. That is 4:00 tuesday afternoon California time for you California people.   The reason we are doing this surgery now is to make sure that she will be able to get motile sperm. If she can not then that will be the end of our baby making part of the trip. I am so glad I know that God is not going to be surprised what ever way this turns out. So, here are the gruesome details on the surgery. First the will aspirate the tube that sperm could be sitting in. If they get good sperm form that, they will stop there. If not they will use a large needle to remove tissue from the testicles. They will know before we leave the hospital if they have found any motile sperm. If they do they will freeze them. Once we have confirmed good sperm, we will proceed with my part. On day two of my cycle they will start me on hormones that will help me over produce eggs. Then on the day that they are going to retrieve the eggs they will defrost the frozen sperm. If they are motile after the defrosting, we will be able to use them. If not, they will take Gregg into surgery again to get fresh sperm. Poor guy.

So today we are on out own. We are excited to spend the afternoon exploring and trying some new things. Then for dinner we are heading back to Josh and Alicia’s on the motorcycle that josh lent us, for dinner. We are looking forward to seeing them again tonight, we really enjoy fellowshipping with them.
Thank you for your continued prayers. We are having a great time and growing so much closer to each other and to God. We are enjoying this journey that God is taking us on.

On a journey.



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6 responses to “Friends and Doctors.

  1. mom

    Thank you so much for including us in your journey. Thank you too for sharing your journey so others can be encouraged in what ever journey they are on. I love you.

  2. Praying for good results and a quick recovery for both of you.


  3. jan

    Praying for you both, though I don’t know you! Chiang Mai is stunning and will spoil you for Thai food stateside. Enjoy the blessings of this season in your lives.

  4. Chris

    Praying for you both this morning. I set my timer on the iPhone for 1545 so we can stop and pray as a family. We will pray for a safe, successful procedure and that God gives you the type of peace that only He can deliver! Love and miss you guys!

  5. Jillianne

    Let the fun begin! Praying for you guys. It’s so awesome to see God’s love for you at work in so many ways through this.
    And I like the red potatoes in your shower. 😉

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