An evening with no pain.

I just want to thank all of you for praying for Gregg. He is doing amazing! We had no idea that he could feel as good as he does. I would have been happy to have had a day laying in bed, but Gregg would have none of that. It still blows me away that he is doing so well. God is so much bigger than pain and I feel like He is definitely showing that with Gregg’s pain free day.


Walking to dinner.

Tonight Gregg and I walked to a burger joint for dinner, it was great. I asked Gregg how he was and if he was up to walking back to the hotel. He said he was great and would like to explore a bit. So we did! We walked around a bunch of back streets looking in a bunch of shops.


Gregg thinks this would be great for Rich's bird. Or maybe Your Bird Can Sing would all fit in here!


We then went and had desert at a great sweets shop. The shop had lots of fancy desserts, and we enjoyed sitting under a tree while enjoying our treats.




After all of the walking around, it was me that wanted to go back to the hotel for some air conditioning and some water. After relaxing for an hour or so we went out for a smoothy. But the place we wanted to go was closed. So we went to a local mexican restaurant that was in the same area. Gregg ordered a fish taco and chips and salsa for me. When we sat down they brought us Nachos and 3 Chicken tacos. Hum…we must of had a miss understanding. Oh well, we will just eat these. about 5 minutes later the Chips came. Ok, well they must have thought we also ordered the nachos. Well we figured out when they brought us the fish taco, that we must have gotten someone else’s food. Sure enough! At least it was yummy and paying for the extra was not a lot.

Our accidental feast.


All of that just to say, Gregg is doing so well and we appreciate your prayers. Until tomorrow!
-The Bowcocks



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2 responses to “An evening with no pain.



  2. Corinne von Guenthner

    Kathleen – I just called your dad to see how things went yesterday and heard the great news! YAY! It brought tears to my eyes. Im thinking & praying about you guys a lot! Have fun & keep the pictures coming! Corinne vG.

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