“Keep Left, Keep Left, Keep Left”

Today Gregg and I decided to take a ride though town on the motor bike that Josh lent to us. I was a bit nervous to ride here in CM for a few reasons. First, they do not drive on the same side of the road as we do in the states. Secondly, No one really drives in lanes here. More like a free for all, even using the wrong lane when needed. Third, we are unfamiliar with the area and we can not read street signs, if they have any. The weird thing about the area we are in is the moat that only has traffic going one way on the outside of the moat and one way on the inside. So sometimes to get somewhere you have to go the opposite way and then make a u-turn over one of the bridges. Basically, it gets confusing.

The Bike

Now obviously if there is anyone who I do feel comfortable riding with, it is Gregg. Right! Wouldn’t you want to ride with a CHP motor officer? Shoot, our first date was on a motorcycle.  One thing I know is that Gregg is an amazing rider. And I also know that God is watching over us. If he wants anything to happen to us, it will. If he does not want anything bad to happen to us, it wont!

So out we went! I will admit it was a lot of fun, and a great way to see the city of CM. We did get lost don’t get me wrong, but we had fun doing it! We decided it would be a good idea to try to find the clinic that we will be going to for our treatments and meetings with the doctor. We had already been to one clinic location, but not the one that we will be going to from now on. It took a while for us to find it but after a phone call or two to Josh, we were able to find it. It is in an area of town that we had never been to and it was fun to look around as we drove. One place that we found on our way to the clinic was a great Thai version of an outdoor buffet. It was not our favorite food, but it was fun to try a new place. They best part of lunch was getting a Face-Time call from Critter and Erik! What a crazy world we live in, right?

Gregg with the cell phone stuck into his helmet.

The Clinic! This is where babies are made!

Turns out our map is not to scale. But Gregg always figures it out!

After lunch we hopped back on the bike and found our way to the local mall. There we had a yummy McCafe’ to cool ourselves off, then we walked around the mall for an hour or so. I think we are becoming mall walkers! We had a lot of fun looking at all of the different names of shops. It is so interesting to see how they interpret the american clothing store. We also headed down to the food market part of the mall. There we enjoyed some Lemon Grass Tea that we had the other day with Josh and Alicia. It is one of our favorite treats here, especially when we are hot from being outside for a while on the bike. Since we were in the market we decided to get another treat to take home, some sticky rice with fresh mango. It is so yummy and refreshing. Oh, and probably really bad for you, they put sweet and condensed milk on everything here!


I don't think that is what they meant. Ethic? Maybe...

Lemmon Grass Tea.

After our trip to the Mall Gregg and I headed back to the hotel. We were able to make it without making a single wrong turn! Looks like our drive around town is already paying off! Once we got back home we went to the pool, which is way to cold to swim in but is great for placing your feet into, and relaxed. It was great! We really enjoyed being out, but coming home is great too! Especially when you have a place like this!

The Pool. Our view while cooling our feet.

Tonight we are going to see a friend of Josh’s fight in a Muy Thai fight! We will definitely post some photos from tonight for you to see!

Until later, The (Motorbike riding) Bowcocks


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