The Crazy Ghost (Phi ba)(พึบ้า)

Tonight we meet The Crazy  Ghost. Or if you were to say it in Thai, it would sound like Pi-ba. Who is this Ghost? You guest it, an American guy from Davis who has white skin, a red mow-hock, red beard, and is crazy enough to fight Mui Thai!

Josh is at the counter ordering drinks for us before the fight.

These flyers were all over this part of town. Jon is on the Right.

Josh told us he had a friend who fought Mui Thai, but i had no idea that he really fought Mui Thai! Josh came and picked us up this evening to go watch the fight that was being held across town. When we showed up a bit early we found Jon standing out side waiting for his friends to all show up.  It was a real treat to be able to hang out with Jon before the fight. He is a really nice and funny guy. Even thought we had just meet, I felt like we had known him for a long time. We enjoyed hanging out with him and getting to know him a bit.

Jon, Josh, and Gregg.

Once more people showed up we proceeded to go into the venue. We sad in the local’s section to get the real feel of a Mui Thai fight. It was great! There was music that played to the beat of the fight, people were cheering, and bets were being made. We enjoyed watching the fights before Jon’s, but they were nothing compared to what Jon’s fight would be like. As a matter of fact they had a “fight” with four guys blindfolded and told to find each other  and try to beat the others down. Unfortunately they found the ref more than they found each other!

Yup, I was enjoying the fights.

Jon’s fight was a rush! Between the music, the cheering, and the excitement itself, my heart was beating fast! He did great in his fight, it was an obvious win for the American. I could see why they called him the Crazy Ghost. First off, obviously he is white. Secondly, he is crazy in the ring. He really knew what he was doing! Most of these Thai fighters have been fighting since they were small children, but even with lots of experience, he was beat by a long shot.

Jon getting ready for his fight.

This was definitely an experience that we really enjoyed. We hope to do more just like this. Especially before I start receiving hormone shots. Because who knows how I will react to these extra hormones!

Untill later,

The Fighting Bowcocks



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6 responses to “The Crazy Ghost (Phi ba)(พึบ้า)

  1. Chris

    Back in 1991 while visiting Pattya Beach, I saw a 200 lb Sailor get his ass kicked by a 110 lb Muy Thai fighter. He almost killed the guy!

  2. The Crazy Ghost

    I am honored by your post and it was a pleasure to meet some friends of Josh here to be medical tourists. I’m glad I was as entertaining as I’d promised to be.

    I hope your visit to Chiang Mai is a relaxing experience and you soak in all the delicious foods.

    My number is 0808456554 if ya need anything. Don’t hesitate! Paz y amor.

  3. Mom

    Wow! How cool is that! You have famous people commenting on your blog!!
    I love how your are sharing about all the things you are doing! It really does interest a broad section of people. I love you so much!

  4. um ladies, did you see that John left his number here??? Hu? HU? hee hee

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