Day One. What is this about. Really?

Colossians 1: 28-29  He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.  To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me.

This morning Gregg and I had the pleasure of sitting on the patio of the local Starbucks while doing our devotions. It was such a beautiful morning and we were soaking it up. Oh and I accidentally  got a regular cup of coffee, I have been off caffeine for over a month now so we will see if I sleep tonight! Anyway, Gregg opened up, on the iPad, Colossians 1 and started to read. I was really touched by verses 28-29. I loved how Paul was putting all of his own energy and all of the energy that God gives him, to teach everyone so that they may be mature in Christ.

Every time Gregg and I think about our home we think about helping these 3 boys, that we love, to grow in their love for our savior and to grow in maturity in Him. This is our ultimate goal. Not for me to feel like a mother, or to have someone to have fun with, or to rent the rooms out for cash. It is a time and a place to grow.

That is also the goal with this whole IVF process. It could look like our goal is to have babies. But ultimately our goal is to grow in maturity in Him.  Because we have this goal, the things that could be really hard to deal with, now have a different filter on them. Basically if my goal was only to get pregnant, then when ever anything came up to hinder that goal I would be really upset or anxious. But because that is not my only goal, I am so much less tempted to be anxious.

For example when Gregg and I were on the way to the hospital to have his surgery, we were able to pray with thanksgiving for fertility. Because it is bringing us closer to him, we are being matured. Our faith is being tested and proven true. The same thing with the shots of drugs I am now taking. I can easily be very anxious about what these hormones are going to do to me. but I am growing and I see that God is going to use this as a test for me. A time for me to grow. I have to toil and work hard to be pleasing to Him during this time.

One thing that this verse also brought up for me is the fact that this blog is an opportunity for me to proclaim to power and love of Christ. So that others can grow in their maturity in Him as well.  I hope that these words about our goals and our maturity is helpful and maybe even a challenge for you. I know it is a daily challenge for me. But though His power, we are maturing.

Ok so what did we do today? Well after lunch Gregg and i spent a few hours communicating with friends back home. It has been really fun using Face Time on our iPod touch to chat face to face. Then at 5:00 pm our time we did our first injection of “Puregon”. Gregg was kind enough to do the injection for me. I am not afraid of needles at all, but giving myself a shot, well if Gregg is here I will let him do it. Takes the pressure off of me. I was thankful that it did not hurt at all. Well until a few minutes later, then there was a slight sting. But that went away pretty quickly. the funny thing is that I went giddy! I could not stop laughing. I have no idea why, but maybe it was over the excitement of this phase starting.

After the shot was administered Gregg and I got ready to head out to the mall to eat dinner. They have a part of the mall with a food market. It is a lot of fun. We went and found our favorite shop and sat down for a great meal of Khao Soi Gai, a noodle, sprouts, chicken legs, spices, something crunchy, and broth dish. It was delicious. To top it off we had Lemmon Grass Tea as our drink. Oh and I almost forgot, some McDonald’s french fries! Almost any one in my family can tell you that I have some weird cravings for McDonald’s fries. Today that craving struck and i was lucky enough to walk right by one on our way to the market!
Once we were done with dinner Gregg and I wandered over to the movie theater in the mall. We saw The Green Hornet. One big difference between Thailand and the USA is their loyalty to their King. We could see this even during the movie. Before the movie starts everyone stands to watch a video of the King. The video shows him doing all sorts of things that show how awesome he is.  Like bring electricity, drive a car, bring in food, and lots of other very cool things.I wish we only treated our King with the same respect.
Once the movie started  the screen was 3/4 black. I wondered if they would fix it and start it over or just let it play. Luckly they did start it over. Once the movie started the only reason I knew we were not in the states was that we would be the only ones that laughed at quite a few of the subtle jokes. It was a bit awkard, but oh well, it was fun!
After the movie we drove home in a huge swarm of bikes that were all leaving the mall at the same time. It was incredible. It was like we were in a huge bike gang! I definitely enjoy riding with a huge number of bikes rather then splitting lanes of large trucks and cars.  I think we will go again at the same time to get some video while we ride. It is quite the sight!
Well, one day down, 14 days to go.
Here are some photos from yesterday and today.

The clinic.

Filling out paperwork.

the front desk.

Teaching us how to do injections with a red ball.

Teaching us how to do the injections with a red ball.

Excited about starting the next phase.

Meds have to be kept cool on our ride back to the hotel.

Starbucks this morning.



Before the shots shot!


Until later,
The Bowcocks


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6 responses to “Day One. What is this about. Really?

  1. Mom

    Thanks for the reminder Kathleen. I love your focus because it brings peace no matter what! That’s what truth does!

    Isaiah 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

  2. Melinda Lillis

    So nice of Gregg to help you with the shots 🙂 Mark has been giving me the shots ( I am a big baby about them!). All of your pictures are amazing! You post is inspiring! To God be the Glory!

  3. Mary Panzer

    Thanks Kathleen for reminding me of the reason we do what we do. After this week I really, really needed to hear that. So glad you are having a good time!

  4. MomandnewfriendCarly

    I planned to write to you today but little did I know that I would be writing with a new friend —sipping coffee WHILE WAITING FOR MATT TO SHOWER AND PRIMP!! Carly and I have decided that we have many common denominators one being that we are not very high maintainance. Proof, we’re still waiting on Matt. Now I will let Carly chat while I go warm up my coffee.

    I love the blog guys! Gregg, your mother is hysterical. We were catching up on your blog together and noticed we didn’t fall into the ‘friends back home’ category. Your mom says she is waiting for her phone call…

    • Mom you ae hilarious…and Carly too, you should have matt use his iphone to FaceTime with us while they are there. We tried calling you and your cell to no avail. We will try later.
      Love u

  5. Kim kavanagh

    Hi Katheen, I have really been enjoying reading your blogs and being updated on your journey in Thaiand. I was really touched by your comments regarding Paul’s words and how we are affected by this everyday in our own lives.

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