Sunday Night Market.

One of the things that I have been looking forward to the most about seeing Thailand is the night markets. I was pleased to find out that there is not only the Night Market that runs all week long, but also the Sunday Night Market. This market in particular is the actual craftsman themselves selling their crafts. So this means that when you purchase an item you are directly supporting the artist. I love this idea, so we waited all week to go to this market before purchasing anything here locally.

Gregg and I decided to make a date out of it and add dinner to the mix. We really enjoy taking out the bike when we are going anywhere that is to far to walk, so we hoped on and headed out for dinner and a night at the market. We decided to go to an Italian restaurant that our friends Nicole and Sean Arvin marked on a map for us. After cruzing around for a while on the bike we parked by the market and walked to the restaurant, that was only a few steps away.

Dinner was delicious. Gregg had a meat lasagna and I had a margarita pizza. We really enjoyed this place and the owner, who is from Italy. One of our favorite parts was listening to the owner speak Thai with an Italian accent. It was quite entertaining. After dinner Gregg and I walked over to the market. We rally enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the things that people were making. There were so many different wood carvings, jewlery, clothes, fabrics, and food. Unfortunetly we had eaten a large dinner and was not up to trying anything from the food part of the market, nor did we buy anything from the rest of the market.

The really nice thing about being here for so long is that there is no pressure to get things done in a rush. We knew that we could be coming back the market, and next time we cold do it hungry!  While we were there we took a few photos to share with you so here they are, along with a few videos of our drive to the market.  Hope you like them. Oh and sorry about the videos, I should have been holding the iTouch the other way for videos. Well I know for next time.

Here’s the trailer…

Here’s the full video of the ride there…

Heres a video of some of the market once we arrived…

And some photos from dinner and the market….

The Restaurant.

Just a bit creepy. I was waiting for them to start dancing on their own.

Fabric table runners and pillows.

Scarves. Beautiful colors, but a bit scratchy.



Thanks, but no thanks.

That is much better. To bad we were not hungry.

Fruit and juice stand.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and our movies!

-The Bowcocks


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  1. Barb McBride

    what an amazing journey with the Lord. I am so excited for you!

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