You want me to do what?

WARNING: Some parts of this post, although very funny, may make some people slightly slightly uncomfortable.

I would like to start this post off today by thanking my husband for 6 amazing married years. I love you and am proud to be your wife. God has taken us through a lot in our years together, and I am so thankful for them. Because they have only brought us closer together and closer to our Father in Heaven. Thank you for faithfully pointing me toward truth and loving me enough to put up with the times that I did not live by that truth. I love you and I am looking forward to living the rest of my life with you. Happy Anniversary Babe.

February 19, 2005

Ok so here is just a bit about our day today. We started off our day with a visit to the clinic for an ultrasound to see how many eggs I have produced and how they are looking. Our last appointment was on Thursday to review my blood work and start my second medication. We waited for about an hour and a half witch was unfortunate, but the cool thing was we were able to meet quite a few missionary couples who were also there to see Dr. Supreeya. So Thursday’s appointment was basically to get the second medication. This medication makes sure that my ovaries do not send out the multiple eggs that they are producing. So now I am giving myself two shots a day about 2 hours apart. This second medication had a funny side effect, it made me feel like someone was tickling my insides! Luckily the first shot was the only time that it had this effect.

The Doctors Office

Our next appointment was this morning. Dr. Supreeya wanted to do the ultrasound to see how many eggs were developing. So we went in this morning at 11 to see her. Thankfully we did not have to wait that long before they called me back to the secondary waiting room, basically a hallway with a bunch of chairs lining the wall with all of the waiting couples.

As soon as I got back this part of the waiting room a nurse handed me a folded up cloth and in broken English told me to go to the bathroom and change. Now there are a few things that hit me as weird. One, the bathroom is all of the way down the hall past all of the couples waiting to see the doctor. So this means that I need to, well wait, what am I taking off and replacing with this cloth? So I asked the nurse, “Do you want me to take off my shirt?” She tried to communicate, but the point was not getting to me clearly. So I pointed to my blouse and said “off?”. She smiled and said “yes”. Ok, now that that is clear, where is it that she wants me to go once I put on this gown? I asked her where she wanted me to go after I changed, she then pointed to the office that was right at the entry to the hall, the farthest point from the bathroom.

So I am thinking, I am going to be doing an ultrasound, if she is having me change my top to a gown they must want really easy access to my belly. I thought they would want to do an internal ultrasound. So instead of trying to get more information out of the nurse that is struggling with English I went ahead and walked past all of the couples and went in to the bathroom. As soon as i got into the stall I unfolded the cloth, it was a large cloth tube. OK now I am confused. Am I supposed to take my top off and somehow wear this tube as a top? And then walk past all of these people with a tube shirt on?? When I thought about it for a second more i realized, this is a very large skirt. I could have just changed and put it on as a skirt and then make sure this is what they wanted, but instead I decided to double check. So I folded up the cloth and walked back past all of the couples to check once again what I was supposed to do. It is a good thing I am easy going because I knew that all of the people that I was walking past knew exactly what i was supposed to do, it was a bit embarrassing and funny at the same time.

So when I showed back up at the nurses station the nurse that I had been trying to communicate with grabbed another lady who came over to help. I said “I am sorry (almost laughing), am I supposed to take off my shirt or my pants?” She then responded “this is to replace your trousers”. OK now things are clear. And so off I went again to walk down the hall lined with people to put on my new skirt. After I had changed and put my tennis shoes back on, I was off again to walk down that darn hall. Oh man I was laughing so hard in the bathroom. I am not sure what the other ladies were thinking, but I sure was getting an embarrassing kick out of this whole thing! So as soon as I left the bathroom I caught back up with Gregg and we walked into the doctors office. When we entered, the doctor was no where to be found. Well this is a bit weird, every time I have come to see the doctor she is waiting in the room for me. So we waited. As I looked around the room I noticed two things. One there was an area I could have easily changed into the skirt with out having to walk back and forth that all of the couples in the hall way. I guess it is just not their custom. The other blaring thing I noticed is that there was only an old school ultrasound machine. Nothing that they would need me to change for. OK this is just weird. This is not just a cultural oddity, there is something screwed up here, there has to be.

Sure enough, the nurse came to the door and apologized, she had us in the wrong room. So here we go again, walking back across the whole office in my skirt carrying my “trousers” in my hands. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable. I think that if the office was full of a bunch of women it would not have been such a big deal, but the really funny thing was all of the men. The hours at the clinic are only open after normal work hours, so every woman there is with their husband. Really nice for the couples, a bit more embarrassing for me at this moment! So after all of that, we finally made it to Dr. Supreeya.

Now on to the serious part of this Dr. appointment. Once we got to see Dr. Supreeya she performed the ultrasound that made sense with the skirt. She was looking for eggs developing on my ovaries. She found 4 on my right ovary, not as large of a number as we were hoping. But there were plenty on my left. So that was good news. She was a bit disappointed that the follicles that hold the eggs were not as large as she would like to see based on the date. But she said that she would have me continue with the two medications and see me again on Tuesday to do another ultrasound and see how they are looking then. Depending on their development we will then know the date for the egg retrieval and then the transfer date. If all is good on Tuesday we should be looking at a transfer date of the 26th. So if this is the Lords will we will be pregnant on the 26th of February!

I am so blessed that we have been able to be here in Thailand with not much more to do then sleep, read scripture, see the doctor, and just relax together. It has been like a second Honeymoon. I can not imagine having to go though all of the hormones and the stress if I was back home with all of the daily stresses that that brings. What a special thing God has given us with this trip.

Here are a few photos from the last day or two…

Resting here has been so amazing. Exactly what I need.

What a great way to do devotions. I love it!

We got some new Cockpit t-shirts made while we are here.

Gregg and I waiting to see the doctor on Thursday.

Gregg and I went for a walk and found this abondoned police station. Well that is at least what it looks like.

They really like to rhyme their english words.

We had lunch at Salsa Kitchen. We loved their salsa and chips. They have a special pepper that they rost and add to the salsa. We approved!

We walked accross the street to a smaller mall. One of the stores had the neatest displays we have ever seen. They had people walking around straightening all of the clothes. As ou can se here. Not a cuff out of place.

After our long walk Gregg took a dip in the pool and showed me some of his Water Polo skills. I was to chicken to get in the very cold water.

It was raining so we took a taxi to the mall for some pizza.

Saturday! Our anniversary! Saw these bears at the Saturday street market.

Gregg treated me to pizza for dinner, even though we had just had it the night before. Oh and the whole resturant had my favoirite flowers on each table. A special gift from God to me. 🙂

Then a special desert for a special dinner.

After dessert and my medications we went to a market that is only on Saturday nigths. They shut down whole streets. It was packed!

We visited a local temple that was open for the market. So sad watching people worship a god that is not real.

another god. Gregg and I could not help but pray when we were here.

Gregg and I had a great anniversary day here in Thailand. Now on to celebrating for the rest of the month!



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3 responses to “You want me to do what?

  1. Mom

    Happy Anniversary! I have to admit that was hilarious… kind of wish you had a video of the hall way and your “skirt!” Love reading everything you write! Really enjoy the comments too. Nice to hear how people are touched by what you share!

  2. Honey, I have a hard time picturing you embarrassed…thanks for making me laugh, though! I might have been in tears by then, or just pulled the skirt up to my eyebrows and tried to walk back down the hall incognito 🙂 Happy Anniversary from here to there! We love you and are praying that God will make you fruitful in every good work!

  3. Kara

    So as I random person reading your blog, just thought I would let you know I found it very entertaining. I have been in those sort of situations far too often in Chiang Mai. I didn’t have to walk around in the lovely skirt, but I always found myself giggling as I carried my little cup of pee, each week, down the hall to the office.
    Hoping all goes well with you.

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