Let’s make some babies.

I have been quite tired the last few days, hence the lack of posts. By the time we get up, go out on the town for a bit, get home, shower, and get into bed I am exhausted. The last few days have included a few Dr. appointments witch has moved us further along in our IVF process.

Last week when we went to see the doctor she found that needed a few more days on the the medication. At first I wanted to be worried or anxious that things were not on track and that this might be the end of the line for us. But I have to tell you, as soon as an anxious thought came into my mind and heart Gregg and I went to scripture. We have been reading  some of Paul’s letters and I have found them to be so encouraging! He is so focused on truth and what great perspective about what this life is all about. Reading his words quickly takes the pressure off of me and my body and helps me think on truth. The truth is that God is ultimately in charge of whether Gregg and I get pregnant from this time in Thailand. I do not have to worry if I have done something wrong or not. I do my best and follow the doctors directions, but my ultimate goal is to please the Lord. I will tell you what, pleasing Him by resting and trusting in Him has made things so so much easier. I would hate to go though this with the wrong perspective.

Dr. Office.

So after staying on the medications for 2 more days the Doctor told my I was back on track and we could move forward with the egg retrieval. I have at least 10 that they will be trying to retrieve. I go in for this surgery tomorrow morning at 7:00 am at Lanna Hospital. As of midnight tonight Gregg and I will both be fasting. Obviously I need to fast because they are going to be putting me under for the surgery, so why Gregg? The doctor told us that even though they are very confident that the sperm will defrost very well, just in case they do not, they want Gregg available for surgery again tomorrow. I loved Gregg’s willingness to do the surgery again if it would better our chances. Luckily the first surgery did not cause a lot of pain for him. But the doctor said that as long as they are swimming strong, there is no reason to do the sperm retrieval.

This means that tomorrow morning at the Lana Hospital there will be little Bowcock babies waiting for us. The Doctor will be using the ICSI technique to directly introduce the sperm to the egg. This also means that if there are enough embryos we will be freezing any that we can not transfer. So we will be looking forward to another visit to Thailand.

Today as we prepare for tomorrow Gregg went and rented a car for the next week. This was a huge relief  for me seeing that we have been using a motorbike to get around so far. There was no way that was going to feel good after surgery nor would I want to go anywhere for a while after the transfer. Another prep for tomorrow was the shot of 10,000 international units of hCG that I received last night. Of course this has thrown me into a bit of morning sickness nausea. All for a good cause!

The embryo transfer will happen on Saturday morning here at the hospital and after that I will be taking it easy, avoiding to much activity and large groups of people. Oh wait, actually we will be flying home! This was definitely a huge test of my faith that God really is in control. The thought of doing all that we have done and then loosing the babies because we spent hours in a plane high up in the air was definitely a tempting angst. This was probably the hardest thing that I have so far had to come up against. But knowing that we were flying home on the days that the doctor told us would be best, and knowing my God, I was able to rest. If He did not want us to fly home on the 7th and 8th then he would not have it be, or he will show us. So far these are the dates we see him leading toward, as a matter of fact the flights are booked.

So tomorrow I will go to the hospital and be there by 7:00 am. After a 45 min sugary and a few hours of recovery we will be on our way home. Please pray for the next few days for us. I tend to get very nauseous even with medication to counter act this reaction. I have been warned that this surgery is the hardest part of this process.  Please also pray that we would keep our minds and our actions steadfast on truth. We are very excited and are looking forward to the next few days and the babies that we could be bringing home as the best souvenirs ever!



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4 responses to “Let’s make some babies.

  1. Deborah Alcorn

    My heart is overwhelmed everytime I read one of your posts. Your faith in God is a true testament to all who read your posts. I tear up just reading them. I pray for you at odd times of the day ( whenever I think about you guys) and I will continue to pray until you hold your little one in your arms.

  2. Amanda Fawson Hanson

    I am praying for you guys. It nice to be able to read what you guys are going through. My husband and I have done IUI a couple of times and then we had to move to a different state. I just found a doctor yesterday and talked with him about IUI and IVF. My husbands swimmers are a little sick so IVF is our best options. Right now we are trying to figure out if we want to go straight to IVF or do some more IUI. It’s such a hard decision and we have been praying a lot for guidance. It’s hard to not sit here and wonder why, why me, when you know Heavenly Father has a plan for you. Good luck and I really hope there will be some Bowcocks running around soon.

  3. Your mommy

    Kathleen, I love how God has used this time to draw you and Gregg closer and both of you closer to the Lord. I love how it has drawn me and others closer too!

    It is so beautiful. it is the purpose of faith in trials…. to reveal the power that God gives to His children who keep their minds steadfast on Him.

    Love you so much!

  4. Your mom

    Precious Kathleen, I know that right now you are having your eggs removed. Praying that you aren’t throwing up when you wake up. I love that God and Gregg are watching over you.

    Love you so much….

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