My turn.

This morning I woke up early after a much needed sleep though the night and got ready to go to the hospital. As I was waking up I checked my computer to see if I had received any messages from family or friends. I was so blessed my a message that my mother sent to me. It was a lullaby, a scripture lullaby. It was so calming and started my morning off focused on scripture. I loved it.

Gregg and I headed out in our rental car right at about 6:45 am. It was such a wonderful thing to be able to drive through Chiang Mai in a nice comfortable car, especially knowing it was my ride home! And I will tell you what, I am so thankful for that nice ride home!

Honda Jazz. And yes, they drive on the Left here!

Gregg and I got to the hospital and were able to move right through the check-in process with in just a few short minutes. It is am amazing how little paperwork is done at the medical facilities here, we love it! At about 7:20 a nurse ushered Gregg and I up to the OR (operating room) where I as taken back for surgery.

The only paperwork needed for check-in.

Favorite nurses uniform ever!

I love the old school uniforms!

I was so thankful that Gregg had bravely gone before me to have surgery, so I was prepped and warned about how they did things here. When they took me back they had me leave my shoes at the entry and slip on a pair of hospital slippers. Then I was taken to the locker room where they had me change in to a green robe. I have to say, being able to wear a nice full robe instead of the gowns that we have in the states was actually quite a nice change. They then took me into an office where they asked me about medical history. Thankfully everyone I had interacted with so far spoke pretty good English. Then I was taken by a nurse into the OR itself. Everyone was busy prepping for the egg retrieval. Quite a few people buzzing around the room all speaking Thai. They had me sit and then lay down on the operating table. It was quite an interesting moment looking around the room, almost surreal. I laid there and prayed, I asked God to guide the hands of the doctors and then thanked Him that the result of this surgery is in His hands ultimately. It is such a peaceful thing to recognize who it is up to.

On our way to the O.R.

Slipping on my new slippers.

After getting me all ready, and I mean all ready for surgery, my anesthesiologist came over to give me the meds I was definitely ready for. Luckily I was able to tell him that I get quite sick when I go under for surgery. He told me he would give me something for the nausea and then administered the drugs. I prayed for about 5 seconds and then woke up in another room! I was so thankful for the lack of nausea! This was the first time I have had surgery and come out with the room not spinning.

I loved the difference between our recovery room and this one. I was laying on a rock hard bed in the middle of a supply room. There were people coming and going and after a few minutes they saw that I was awake, well kind of awake.

Dr Supreeya was the first one I remember speaking to. She told me that they were able to get about 8 eggs and that all went very well. I was so excited to hear that we were successfully one step closer. But as soon as she left I was confronted with quite the abdomen cramping. One unfortunate thing about Thailand is that they are culturally inclined to feeling your pain.  This comes from the cultural and religious Buddhist believes. Thankfully I had read on paperwork that Dr. Supreeya had given me that they would be sending me home with some pain meds. So, maybe they would give me some. So after a moan and a groan a nurse came right over and i think she could see the pain on my face and asked me “Pain?”, I quickly answered “yes!”. I was so thankful when she brought over the meds. But of course as I lay there I had to wait for the meds to kick in. This is when I started to quote scripture, at that point it was the only comfort I had. Oh man, and then my lower back started to really hurt from lying for so long on the hard bed. Thank goodness I did not need the whole two hours of recovery. I was so thankful to be able to go home and lay on my less hard bed (because beds here in Asia are HARD).

The Waiting Room. (Chairs lining a hallway)

Thankfully the check-out process is even shorter then the check-in process. As soon as they told me I could leave, I was swept out to change my clothes and then was wheeled out directly to our car. And with in just a few minutes I was laying in my own bed.

I did have a few bouts of bad cramping at home, but at least I was not in that hard hospital gurney. And I could really tell I was going to be okay when i asked Gregg to get the cold pizza out of the fridge. So for now I will rest some more and then on Sunday morning at 11:00am we will return to the hospital for the embryo transfer. I was excited to hear that this next procedure would not need any anesthesia and would only take about 15 minutes. I was also excited to hear that they would give us pictures of our little Bowcock babies. As of this evening they have already been fertilized. This is such a surreal time and we are enjoying it and thanking God for it. We are looking forward to what God is going to next.




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5 responses to “My turn.

  1. Aunt Leah

    Hurray for so much progress! We are standing with you in prayer (even when you are necessarily reclining)! We love you so much!

  2. This is so exciting! I love how candid you are and I find this whole process so interesting.

  3. mom

    Kathleen, I loved reading your post. And I know it is silly but I love that they are doing the transfer at 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning. It just seems so beautifully appropriate to be such a tribute to the Lord!

    I am so excited. Obviously I hope you get pregnant, i would love to hold a little grandbaby in my arms. But I love that no matter what happens your faith in God remains steadfast.

    Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, just means you understand the purpose for the pain. Pain without purpose is merely abuse and God is not abusive.

    I love you.


  4. Karyn

    I really appreciate your blog more than you know. I am so encouraged by your faith in God and peace that only HE can give through this process. Sending hugs and prayers your way,

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