I don’t know where in the world my body thinks it is!

It is 5:00am and I am not asleep. The sad thing is that this has been going on for a week or so now. Ever since the egg retrieval i have had the weirdest sleeping patterns. It is such a good thing that I can sleep the whole morning away with out any major consequences. If I was at home, I would force by body back onto the correct rhythm, but not here. The real bummer is that Gregg is sleeping next to me and I am awake. I hate it! Well pray that I can get some good sleep, and that with our up coming travels that the Lord would grant me sleep on the last long flight home.
Here is hoping I can get to sleep as soon as I post this! Good news, I am still getting the rest I need!



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2 responses to “I don’t know where in the world my body thinks it is!

  1. Maybe it will be good for you to have a little bit less jet lag when you get home!! =) Better for the babies. =) Love you. Hope you are sleeping now. We are just going to sleep.

  2. Mom

    Pretty soon you will be home! Can’t wait to pick you up at the airport! Love you!

    Can’t wait till we pick up Debra and all her boys!!!!

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