Stuff we miss about home

We threw together a list of creature comforts that we look back on and wish we ha during our stay here.

Carpet –literally is tile and hardwood and cement floors everywhere.  The only place i can remember carpet was in the movie theatre.

Soft beds –There is something funny about Asia.  They do not like a soft bed.  Maybe its the buddhist thinking of going through pain here on earth helps them in the next life or something.  There beds are so hard.

Free water at restaurants and free refills on drinks –Water, clean water here is something you have to pay for.  Most hotels give you a few complementary bottles of water in your room, but that’s it.  If you go out, your paying for water or whatever else you desire, but it isn’t free.

Eating foot without the worry of getting sick from it –I’m not saying we “worried”, however in the states you don’t have to constantly scope out your next meal based on supposed cleanliness.  In Chaing Mai there were a few places that had the 🙂 sign in front of it.  I guess this somehow showed they passed some sort of cleanliness test at one time or another. After one of our meals, Kathleen used the restroom and it happened to go by the kitchen.  She was quite disturbed and said if she would have seen the kitchen before  hand we would of walked out.

Not having to divide everything by 30 to see how much it really cost –The good ol’ exchange rate game.  We just got tired of playing the same game.

Did I already say carpet? –I’m thinking of sinking my toes into to my thick carpet back home as I’m writing this.  Don’t know what you miss till its not anywhere.

Driving on the correct side of the road –It’s been an adventure driving a right hand drive car on the left side of the road.  In some aspects I feel sophisticated, because I can now drive in England.  However driving here is much different than England.  I’m sure there are rules here for driving, however no one enforces them.  The only tickets we saw given out here were for people not wearing their helmets on their motorcycles.  The local cops would set a little checkpoint up and just start waving people in.  I guess that’s the extent of their proactive law enforcement.

Not having to breathe shallowly due to heavy smog –A good percentage of people here wear surgical masks outside all of the time.  At first I thought they were just germafobes, but as time went on I felt the sting in my lungs of the high amount of pollution here.

Not eating a Mc Donalds –This was one of the only places that we could get our comfort food, a taste of home.  I hate Mc D’s at home, so I’m looking forward to this not being the only option for comfort food.

Free bread while you are waiting for your food at restaurants – Sitting at the table starving – not gonna miss that.

Friends and family –Kathleen and I are very community oriented.  We are so looking forward to being back with our peeps!

Not being grossed out/heartbroken every time we see a old dude with a young thai girl –Pretty standard site here.  A walking corpse with a young national.  So sad

Things we will miss

Massages that cost 3 dollars an hour (obviously to recoup from the incredibly hard beds) – Yup, Thai massage is incredibly cheap.  But as stated earler….it’s much needed based on the condition of the mattresses here.

Mani/pedi combo for 11 dollars

Never having to make our bed or do laundry

Having surgery for the same cost as a consultation back in the states – Literally our first consult for infertility was 500 dollars in the states.  My first surgery here in Thailand was 600 dollars.  Amazing.



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  1. I TOTALLY understand! Please enjoy Target for me when you get back to the states!

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