I love Mondays!

So far all of my ultrasounds have been on Mondays, they are quickly becoming my favorite days! But this last Monday was definitely the best so far! Why? We got to hear our babies heartbeat!!!!! Here is a letter that Gregg wrote to Apple thanking them for allowing him to be apart even though he was working in Malibu at the time.

Dear Apple,

I want to thank you for such an amazing thing….FaceTime!

My wife and I are unable to have kids naturally. We have to do in-vitro in order to have kids. Unfortunately we couldn’t afford this option here in the states.  It would cost 30-35 thousand dollars for the medical cost here.  We did some research and found a clinic in Thailand that could do the same procedure for about 4 thousand dollars.  We saved up cash and made the trip in February.  It was a success!

So today we had an appointment for our 6 week mark.  I had to work today and couldn’t be a part of it.

That was until FaceTime!

I was able to FaceTime with my wife and got to witness my baby’s first heartbeat!

Thank you apple and the developers of FaceTime for the gift of seeing this miracle o life as a result of your technology!
We documented our journey on our blog.  All photos and videos were taken using our iPod touch or iPhone.
Gregory and Kathleen Bowcock

Great right! My favorite part of the experience, besides hearing the heartbeat, was hearing Gregg tell all of the guys around him that there was a heart beat! They all cheered! I loved hearing Gregg be so excited about our baby. Such a dream come true. Here are some photos from our ultrasound!


You can see the heartbeat at the bottom!

So small and yet so huge!



When we first started the ultrasound Mom and I could see the heart beating before the Dr. could even say a thing. It one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The Dr was so thrilled to see such good growth, so was I! I am looking forward to next Monday when I get to have another ultrasound! I love that our Dr. is so thrilled, he is letting us come in for as many ultrasounds as we want!

So far every person who has guessed the sex is saying Boy! Is that a sign??? 🙂




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4 responses to “I love Mondays!

  1. Erin

    I am thrilled for you guys too! And I say boy too! Your little man and our little man will be buds. =)

  2. Laura

    What a miracle! I’m so, so excited for you guys! I keep looking for the second one (?!). Don’t know why.

  3. Mom

    I love Mondays too! I loved watching it all! Thank you Lord!

  4. Barb McBride

    awesome! very exciting! yay for facetime! yay for babies!

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