Where have all the posts gone?

I hate that as soon as things go well I stopped posting. But there is a good reason. I have been experiencing the blessing of morning sickness and exhaustion beyond what I have ever felt. That is saying a lot seeing that I lost my Thyroid to Cancer when I was 21, i thought I knew what exhaustion was, that is until now. But I will take these and other side effects every day to have the gift of a baby in my womb.

Every morning I wake up thanking God for the gift that he has given me today. Here are a few photos of our sweet baby.

Photos from Monday March 4th, 2001.

You can see the heartbeat at the bottom of this photo!

This is a "3D" photo. Definitely does not look like his/her mother or father yet!

These ultrasound photos were taken when the baby was at 7 weeks and 2 days. Our next ultrasound is this monday the 18th at 9 weeks and 2 days! This time Gregg’s mom will be in town and will be able to join us for the first time! We are really looking forward to sharing this with her.

On a “side” note, I was blessed with the opportunity to share with some girls at California State Channel Islands about the power of scripture in our lives. It was such a special moment for me to think back on all that God has taken us through in the last few years and the power that His word had on our lives. I have no idea how I would have made it through with out these words to us. There are so many opportunities for us to freak our and be anxious, but when we have the word and can turn to it we have a peace that truly does pass all human understanding. It is such an amazing and intimate moment with our savior.

I also thought I would share with you some of the cravings that I have been having!

Most of all some good peppery red meat! Carne Asada! Steak! Tri Tip! Oh yeah!


Los Posas Berries!

Or even better when Laura makes them ready for toast! Thank you Laura!!! By the way the jar is half empty!


Planters Mixed Nuts! Love the salt!!!! This was one of the fist “late night runs” that I made Gregg go on for me. šŸ˜›


Get the ones with no peanuts please!


Oh and I did make Gregg take me to the store again tonight, this time vanilla ice cream and A&W Root beer for some amazing toot beer floats! YUM!!!

Thanks again for letting me share!





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4 responses to “Where have all the posts gone?

  1. LAura Cross

    I have been told that morning sickness is from the rise of progesterone levels. Progesterone is what rises to help your baby “stick”. I found that to be encouraging!! Your baby is hanging on. : )
    Would love to hear what you shared with the girls about the power of living through His Word!!

  2. Jennie Pizzi

    Kathleen!!!! I didn’t know you are pregnant!! That is unbelievably exciting!! Praise the Lord for such a sweet gift to you guys. I am just thrilled, and can’t wait to tell Mike. And guess what….I just found out yesterday I am pregnant again! God is so, so gracious to all of us. I never thought I could have Owen, and now here I am having a second baby. I look forward to keeping up with your blog and seeing your progression! So awesome! Yay!!

  3. Laura

    Glad you are enjoying the strawberry jam. Why do I see Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbs) in the first picture? And why do I see a foot in the second picture? šŸ™‚ Maybe I’m just tired.

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