One in Three-Hundred

Unfortunately our computer has been having some charging issues that has hindered me from posting. But thanks to Albert, one of the guys that lives with us, it looks like we may be up and running again by Sunday. But I have a few minutes left on my battery, so how about some of the latest photos!? By the way we are not a high risk pregnancy, that is not why we have been able to have so many ultrasounds. But because we have had such a hard road with our fertility our Dr. is more than willing to help us see our baby as often as we like. So here are the latest!!!

177 BPM

You can see our baby's head and body! So amazing!

You can see our baby's head, body, arm!

So so amazing!

This Dr. visit was a very special one for a few reasons. The first was that we were able to take Gregg’s Mom with us to see the ultrasound. So special to have an opportunity to have her see the baby at this stage. I loved it! I know she did too! The second reason was Dr. P’s reaction to seeing the baby’s size, one full inch! He was thrilled! He was so excited to tell me that our chance of miscarriage at this point is 1 in 300. It feels so good to not only have the peace that we have from our Savior, but also to have the excitement of even our Dr.  This is just getting more and more fun!

Even though I have had some hard side effects to pregnancy I certainly have enjoyed the reason for them! We have another Ultrasound in 2 weeks and we are getting really excited already to see how big our bubble is getting! I know one thing for sure, we will definitely be having an ultrasound when my sister Debra gets out here for Critter’s wedding! That will just be too fun!



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2 responses to “One in Three-Hundred

  1. Chris

    Awwww yeahhhh, baby Bowcock is looking GREAT!!!! This a super awesome.

  2. I found your blog through Norm and Debra! I am so so happy for the both of you!

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