It’s a shy one!

We are officially in the second trimester and LOVING it!  I love walking around with my small little baby bump with out having to deal with swollen ankles. I love the looks I get from people who think I might be pregnant but don’t want to say anything just incase they are wrong. I have waited my whole life for these looks! I can’t wait until it is a bit more obvious and people start to feel free to say things…well maybe not the last part. Here I am at 15 1/2 weeks 🙂

Now that we are getting further along in this pregnancy we have gotten closer and closer to the day that we would be able to find out the gender of our baby. Our doctor was kind enough to schedule me for an ultrasound within days of having my sister, Debra and family getting in from Africa. So on June 6th Gregg, and my two sisters, Debra and Christy, excitedly headed out for this very exciting ultrasound. I will admit we headed out a bit early, we were way to impatient to wait at the house.

After waiting for about 30 very exciting minutes we were all in the ultrasound room being greeted by Dr. P. By this time I was both giddy and cautiously excited. So the ultrasound commenced!! Here we go, this ultrasound is about to tell us more specifically how our lives are going to be changing. My heart almost stopped when the baby came up on the screen for the fist time. Our baby looked like a….baby! All of our ultrasounds before were so breath taking, but very vague. This time was totally different, you could see everything. There was so much detail it was just amazing. For a minute I forgot that we were there to find out the gender, I was lost in the moment of seeing our baby.


Looks like the baby is wearing a bow tie!

After Dr. P. checked out the size of the baby’s head, abdomen, and femur, he moved on to find out if we were having a baby girl or a baby boy! Ok, on with our mission! About 30 seconds in to the search Dr. P. warns us that he may not be able to see anything clear enough. But then he says ” Well but what is that?! Do you see those three lines? That is what we look for when we see a girl!! I was thrilled!!!! Gregg has openly said that he would love a girl, of course this melts my heart. So when Dr. P says it was a girl I just about died. But before I could turn my head to look at Gregg, Dr. P. says “Well but what is that we see right there? Do you see that?. It was definitely something that looked way more boy than girl! So is it a boy or a girl???

Are you going to tell us what you are??

After spending a few more minutes looking Dr. P. explains that the baby is backwards, breach, and crossed legged at the moment. This is literally making it impossible for him to clearly see what exactly is going on. I laughed. He told us that we could come back in a month to try again. He was definitely disappointed for us and he sure did try hard to be able to tell us what we were having, but this was obviously God’s plan for our day!

So the questions is, can I wait a whole month???? I am thinking not. Hopefully we will be able to find a ultrasound company that will not cost us an arm and a leg, or our first born, to try again sooner. I will admit, the more time that Debra is here to shop and plan with me the better. So I am praying that God will give me continued peace within His perfect plan untill we find out what the gender is. And that He may bless us with a sooner ultrasound date with an obvious gender discovery.

I will admit that I love that God is in heaven fully aware of what our baby is and who he or she is going to become.



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  1. Deborah Alcorn

    My heart just melts, jumps and is full every time I read one of your posts. We did not find out with Albert, we did with Sybra ( we needed to prepare little Albert) , and was surprised wih the other two. It is great both ways – although setting up the nursery is easier knowing. the technology is so good now, even when we found out before, it still could go the other way.

    Rest in the fact that your baby is healthy, growing and already having a little fun with you.

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