And he shall be called…

Gregg and I have loved the name Maccabeus for a really long time. We first thought about it after hearing our Friend Jon talk about Judas Maccabeus and all that he had done for the Jewish people and their freedom to worship the one true God and not their rulers.

And of corse the middle name after Hudson Taylor the famous missionary to China.

Gregg and I know that we have not chosen a traditional name, but we love what the name Maccabeus represents.  I (Kathleen) loved growing up knowing that my name was inspired by a girl that my parents both knew in hight school, who was one of the kindest, lovable, and outgoing girls they knew. And now we can pass on a name to our son that will be a constant reminder to stand firm in his faith and worship of the one true God.

We do know that Maccabeus is bit of a mouth full, that is why we have chosen to call him Mac for short. We are so excited to meet our little man.



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5 responses to “And he shall be called…

  1. Its a beautiful name and I am sure he will be a beautiful little boy. How far along are you?

  2. Grandma Tami

    He is not just any boy…. so he shouldn’t have just any name, I love that God laid this name on your heart for a reason.

  3. Mary Panzer

    Your entire fam is doing the unique name thing. Love it!

  4. Josh & Diane

    So good guys. Diane and I are excited for you too!

    Diane and Josh,

    WIth love!

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