Mac’s Nursery

Dad and I on our way to rescue another client from a bad design.

So as most of you know I have worked as a designer along side my Dad at Showcase Kitchens and Baths for the last almost 9 years. I absolutely love/loved my job. I especially loved the time of my day that I got to set aside all of the paperwork and picked up my drawing pencil and markers. And now that we know that we are having a boy, I have loved starting to design the nursery. I was blessed to find a great design website called Pinterest that lets me collect all of the ideas I find on the internet in an organized way. I have loved loved loved being able to see the ideas I had in mind already mixed in with new ideas.

I have multiple pieces of furniture including an antique dresser with swiveling mirror, antique buffet that will be used as a changing table, and my favorite piece… the crib my mom saved from when we were babies. I am going with a vintage feel with lots of linen fabric, grays, teal, and a bit of yellow thrown in for fun. I am really looking forward to seeing something come together that is actually for us and not a client. Just can’t wait!!!

Here is a link to my board full of ideas that I have for the nursery:  MAC’S NURSERY

You will be able to see specifically how each of the photos fits into the theme or the room itself by reading the comment at the bottom of each of the photos. You can also click on the photo to make it larger, then you can click on it again to see the actually web site that I got the photo from.

I hope you enjoy checking out what I have been working on over the last week or so. And while you are on the Pinterest web site you should look around at all of the great ways people use this web site. I love how easily you can keep organized links to great crafts, recipes, party ideas, house decorating ideas and so much more! Enjoy!


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  1. Joy Gerry

    Love your ideas. I’m sure the results will be phenomenal!

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