Hello. Goodbye.

Note:  This post was written over a week ago, i was just unable to publish until now. 🙂

These last few months have been the best kind of busy a girl could have. Not only was I getting ready for baby Mac to join us but I had my sister and her family here. Debra and Norm Copeland live in Senegal West Africa as missionaries with New Tribes Mission and are rarely able to come home to California, so this was a real treat. We have not seen them in over a year. This is a really big deal with you have little nephews that are growing up away from you. So these last few months have been a blast to be around both Cannan, 5, and Emmaus, 2. Here are a few photos of the boys and some of the fun we got to have together. You can also check out their great blog for even more fun from the summer!

Canaan and Emmaus enjoying a truck ride at the Ventura County Fair.

Boys loved painting pottery! We loved watching!

Bumble Bee hat at Michaels! So much fun. 🙂

Emmaus loves his picture being taken, especially with a hat on!

Canaan loved painting with chalk on the sidewalk.

Emmaus was very focused on his painting. 🙂

I loved every moment I had with the boys, but even more I LOVED being with my sister. Debra and I are only 2.5 years apart and very close. We grew up doing a lot together and neither one of us loved the fact that when she got married she moved to Canada. Little did I know how close she was when she lived in Ontario, seeing that she now lives half way around the world and in a totally different time zone. I now cherish every single conversation we are able to have. They are so very special.

While Debra was here we got to do lots together. One of my favorite things was spending our Mondays together painting Mac’s room and furniture. We had way to much fun together! I loved having her here helping me with the nursery, it makes the room have so much more meaning to me.

We had to make sure we had all of the important supplies for painting.

Debra hard at work for her sister and nephew. 🙂

Just a few items that Debra and I worked on one Monday.

Debra also organized a surprise early 3oth Birthday party for me. This was just to much fun!!!  Thanks Debra, Gregg, Critter, Abby, Dad and Mom for all that you did to give me a great early birthday!

Very special night with my sisters! Happy (EARLY) Birthday to me!!!

I also had a great time being with both of my sisters way to late into the night! Here are a few photos of us messing around on Photo Booth.

A bit of fun with Photo Booth effects!


Oh my!

Loved hanging out on the porch wile the boys played!

Sisters getting ready for an outing!

The sad thing, is that Debra had to go home this Monday… I think sad is a understatement. But, I don’t want to talk about that…I will tell you about what Debra did for me just before she went home. Now, just to make this clear, I was actually gone to visit friends and family up north this last weekend, totally missing the last few days that Debra was here. Debra took advantage of this and showed me some major sister love and got Mac’s room nearly ready for him. She, along with my sister and Dad, finished painting all of the bookshelves for the bookcase. This was a huge blessing to come home to after having 2 showers. She also had the crib set up for me, well as much as she could with out having all of the parts. On top of that she got the changing table all ready including a set of saddler’s diapers! The room looked so good and ready for little Mac to come! The icing on the cake was a note that Debra wrote to Mac about how much she loved him. It sent me straight into tears, tears of joy, happiness and tears of sadness. I love you Debra Lynn. I miss you like crazy. I wish that God had plans for you all to live in California, nice and close to me. But I rejoice in the fact that he has you exactly where he wants you, and you and Norm faithfully follow Him where he leads, even if it is not your first choice. You are a shining example of Faith and I can not wait for little Mac to grow up and get to know his very special family. I love you and I am praying that you will have electricity so that we can chat a little and catch up now that you are home.

I love you. -Sissy.



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2 responses to “Hello. Goodbye.

  1. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!! =) Thanks for posting. I miss you so much! I am so thankful for all the fun we had together. It was so great. I can’t wait to hold Mac in my arms… Hopefully sooner rather than later. But God knows! Hopefully we can chat soon! I hate terrible power and time zones! =) Hopefully time zones wont be a problem in heaven! Haha! Hopefully we can just beam ourselves all over so we can be with everyone. Hahaha! Talk to you soon! =)

  2. Grandma Tami

    I loved watching you girls this summer! It brought back memories and made new wonderful ones! It was hard to read the post through all my tears but also brought so much joy to my heart! Love you… mom

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