To Have And To Hold.

One of the many things that my Mom does that impresses me is sew. I loved growing up all of the crafts that she would do with us, especially sewing. We made lots of fun things with mom sitting at the sewing machine. Unfortunately I never pursued learning how to sew as  I got older, something I regret now. But any time mom wants to go to the fabric store I am right by her side. Last week she invited me to go with her, and before she could tell me what for, I was in! As soon as we got into the store mom said “OK we need to make Mac a quilt, lets find the fabric!”  I was so so excited! Mom has made quilts in the past and I was so excited it was “my” turn!

We really wanted to go with fabrics that were of the same colors that were in Mac’s nursery. After a look around we found some really beautiful fabrics, but they were just not coming together the way we wanted. So we took another look around and to our surprise we found some gray and yellow fabrics set aside in a special spot in the store. It was just what we needed for the perfect quilt! We were thrilled!

We have what we need! Now for mom to work her magic!

Mom got working on Mac’s quilt right away. When I came to see her the next day she already has some of the squares made. I was so excited to see it coming along! Growing up all 3 of us girls has a log cabin design quilt that a lady from church had made for us. I loved these quilts. They went everywhere with us, camping trips, sleepovers, movies in the living room, anywhere that we were where we wanted to be extra comfy and comforted. So I am so excited that Mac will have a very special blanket to have and to hold from his VERY special Grandma.

Close up!

Just perfect. And made with so much love.

I can not wait to sit with Mac on his quilt in the front yard as we wait for Daddy to come home for lunch. I know that this quilt has started with lots of love and great memories and I know that there is so much more of both to come.

Thank Mommy for making such a beautiful quilt for Mac. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true! I love you and I can not wait to have you snuggle Mac up in such a sign of love. I love you!!



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2 responses to “To Have And To Hold.

  1. Grandma Tami

    Kathleen, I can’t wait for you to HAVE him so I can Hold him! I love you so much! Mom

  2. Leah Humphreys

    This is so beautiful and amazing – love the colors and the special sentiment! We can’t wait to meet Mac!

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