32 Week Checkup

Quick update! We went and saw the Dr today for an ultrasound, one of my favorite things in the world! Mac is looking great and healthy! The last time we saw the Dr. we had our suspicions confirmed that he was very much breach. So over the last few weeks we have prayed that he would turn head down, something he has not been this entire pregnancy. I was sure when we saw the ultrasound we would see a breach baby, but he was head down!!! Praise the Lord!!! I really did not want to have a C-section if I did not need one, so having Mac head down is a huge relief.

We also got the news that he is about 4 Lb 10 oz. About 10 oz more than average for almost being 33 weeks. Looks like we are going to have a big baby boy, I sure hope and pray he is not late! Dr. P tried to get some good shots of Mac, but things are quick squished in there. One thing he was able to see quite clearly was that Mac is definitely a Maccabeus and not a Mackenzie. He is all Boy! Gregg and I had a good laugh while watching Dr. P try to get a good shot of anything other then his boy parts.

We are blessed to know that our little baby boy is healthy and growing. This has been quite a journey that God has taken us on. We are thankful for all that he has taught us and it continuing to teach us. We look forward

32 weeks pregnant. Only 8 to go!

Here are a few photos we thought we would share with you from this last week. The first photo was sent to us by Gregg’s parents. Isn’t it great!! I guess he has known what he wanted to do since he was 3! If we were all so lucky!

1st day as a CHP motor

These onsies were made so lovingly by some of the girls from our GiGi group. I can’t wait to see Mac in them!

So cute!




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4 responses to “32 Week Checkup

  1. Erin

    SO glad that he has turned and is head down. Yay! You look great, Kathleen! Thinking of you guys and your shower tonight. Wish we could be there! Love,Erin

  2. Leah Rutledge

    Glad Mac turned out to be a boy and we decided to change our baby girl’s name to Madison or we could have ended up with 2 MacKenzie’s in the family. That was what we had first thought we would call the baby if it was a girl. Glad he turned for you… it is coming up so quickly. So excited to meet him and introduce him to Maddi!

  3. Karen

    I haven’t seen you in forever Kathleen, so it’s nice to see the pic of your big tummy! A dream come true for you I know!

  4. Josh & Diane

    So good so good.

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