Dreams come true!

We are parents!! My dream has come true!! I can not put into words how ecstatic we both are. I think some of the following photos may help 🙂 I know there are a lot of photos in this post, but believe me this is just a small sampling.

last belly pic @ 39 weeks

Gregg and I knew that this would be the last belly shot before Mac came. Why? Because I had an induction date of Sunday the 13th. Mac had been measuring large and the Dr. was a bit concerned that I may have to do a C-section if we waited to long. Plus having a short torso I was very ready to be able to breath again. SO we scheduled an induction. I was ecstatic!

The plan was to go to Los Robles Hospital on sunday night for a pill that would soften me in preparations for the Pitocin the following morning. Dr. P. wanted me to be well rested for active labor starting Monday morning. Although a few days before that Sunday I was almost sure I was in active labor. I was having a contraction lasting a minute long every 4-6 minutes for almost 4 hours. It was so exciting! But alas, they subsided. It was fun though. 🙂 One thing off the check list got done that night, we packed our overnight bags for the hospital.

So sunday the 13th arrived and we were off to the Hospital to start the process. This was the best trip to the hospital ever!

Last photo before heading to the hospital!

Once we were settled into our hospital room they gave me Cervidil to soften me. They did warn us that in very rare cases this will send women into active labor, but this was very rare. Well in true Bowcock form we went with the rare. With in 15 minutes I was in active labor. Not just any labor, almost like transition. I was in a hour long contraction with back labor that did not let up all the way. Thankfully I had Gregg by my side to get me though. The great thing was that even though I was in a lot of pain, I was ecstatic that we were going to have the baby sooner than we expected. Sure enough an hour into it my water broke. Here we go!!!

Oh boy! Here we go!

Gregg and I were both very pleased that I had dilated very quickly and was well on my way to having Mac very soon. Every time the nurse would check on my I would have progressed by at least 2 cm. My parents and sister, Christy, has come to visit us at the hospital around the time that my water broke. So after a little while of saying hello and helping me though getting my epidural they went home to sleep. They planed on coming back when I got close to pushing. Well by the time they went home and crawled in bed, I had gone from a 4-5 to an 8. So they got redressed and headed back over. Good thing they did because shortly after their arrival it was time for me to try a practice push. The nurse told me that she wold call Dr. P and wake him up when she saw that things were getting close to the actual delivery. She also said that some fist time moms will have to push for a few hours. So at the next contraction, with Gregg and my Mom at each side I gave it a try. The nurse then said “Ok, I am going to call Dr. P now.”   We were thrilled! Baby Mac was going to be here soon!!!  Twelve or so contractions later Maccabeus Hudson Bowcock was in my arms. It was surreal.

Maccabeus' first moment with Mommy.

Mac getting his fist inspection. 10 fingers 10 toes!

When the nurse told us Mac’s weight of 6 lb 10oz, I had to have Gregg repeat it to me. We were expecting a very large baby. Instead we got a long and skinny Mac. This was so exciting to me, I love tiny babies, they are just the best.

Dr. Poliakin. We love him.

Poor Dr. P. he had to get up at an ungodly hour  to come and help me deliver Mac at 3:15 am. He was so sweet about it, but I think I owe him a nice thank you gift.

Grandma Tami and Auntie Critter.

This picture is of my baby sister, Critter, and my Mom. What this photo does not show is my sister, Debra, who was able to use FaceTime on our iPads to be apart of the whole delivery. Even though she lives in Africa I was able to have here there for all of the moral support and company that a sister provides. It was a huge blessing.

Grandma and Grandpa Bowcock.

Grandma and Grandpa Bowcock had planned on being at the Hospital all day Monday so that they would be there for the arrival of Mac, but I guess my body had other plans. We were so excited to see them early Monday morning. Mac was just a few hours old.

A very proud Daddy.

Gregg was the most amazing partner to have by my side during the delivery. Even more amazing is how naturally he has taken to being a Daddy. Gregg changed all of his diapers for me the first few days. He looked as if he had been changing diapers for years. I absolutely loved watching Gregg and Mac spend time together, my heart grew a million time larger watching them those first few days. Gregg has also been the most amazing support to me at home. I don’t even have to ask him to do things, it is like he is actually starting to read my mind!!!!!

A very very very happy Mama. Mac @ 4 hours old.

First of many naps with Daddy.

Our little boy likes to smile.

Holding Daddy's hand.

Someone is a bit jaundice. But Grandma and Grandpa were there to keep him company.

Day 3 was in Pediatrics to get a better handle on the Jaundice. Just precautionary. Worth the extra day in the hospital.

Maccabeus getting his sun the way a true Californian does, well in the winter at least.

Getting a little bit of cuddle time in with Mommy before going back in the incubator.

Dr. Saul. He is a big deal. Kinda famous. We really like him a lot.

Getting ready to go home!

Kelly, Mac and I. She was the best!

One of the best parts of my stay at Los Robles were the nurses. They were such a blessing to me. They did such a good job of making me feel like the best mommy in the world. And anything that i needed they were right on it! Kelly, one of my nurses really touched my heart. I was so excited to have her as our nurse in Pediatrics the morning we went home. I

The Bowcock Family.

This is one happy birthday girl.

Going Home!!!

Getting dressed! Headed home.

Going Home!

First car ride.

Mac and Daddy in the nursery.

Mac's very special teddy bears in his very special crib.

I am in love!

Watching over a very special baby boy.


Mac and Grandpa Charlie.

Oh..... so precious.

So small.

Cuddled up in a hat.

They grow up so quickly.

Safe in Daddy's strong arms.

First "bath"

Smile! Say Cheese!

Do I have to wake up??

So Comfy.

Love these faces. Love this boy.

Just perfect.

Mac and Uncle Andrew!

Kisses from Mommy.

Just toooo cute!

Mommy and Mac.




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16 responses to “Dreams come true!

  1. Leah Humphreys

    We are dancing with joy for you (but you don’t have to watch :)) Uncle Peter and Aunt Leah

  2. This is just so exciting to see after following your journey on here from the beginning. He is adorable and I am so, so happy for you! 🙂

    P.S. I love how we have the same doctors. They are both amazing!!! 🙂

  3. Mom

    My heart rejoices and tears run down my cheeks… I am so thankful to the Lord.

  4. Ron Souther

    Best birthday gift ever, I know you two will make excellent parents. Mac is a very lucky little man!!! Love and cherish your time together…

  5. Joy Gerry

    What an amazing story you have! Loved your pics and captions. We’re still rejoicing at God’s mercy and goodness to you in bringing Baby Mac to life!

  6. Colleen Tabor

    I am looking at this in awe of our God! He is so amazing and you are all an inspiration and encouragement. Congratulations to you all!!!

  7. Alyssa

    Congrats, Kathleen! I love Dr. Saul, and the way he throws those babies around with total confidence. I’m always so scared about hurting my newborn but once he does that first exam I realize that my baby won’t break after all. I’m so glad you went with him for Mac’s care. Totally worth the drive and the occasional office wait.

  8. Deanna Brummett

    Very adorable baby boy! Congratulations!

  9. This is such a great post! I had a very similar experience when I had AJ (my second pregnancy but third baby). I had THREE doctors say he would be over 10 lbs and I went with the induction and he was only 7 lbs 1 oz. After that I decided no more inductions. LOL. His birth was crazy though, they started inducing me at 9am and he was born at noon. I am so thrilled your little one is here and he totally looks like a Maccabeus!

  10. Jasmine Bennett

    Kathleen, this is the best post! What a wonderful birth story! He is so tiny and so sweet. I am so happy for you and Greg and your little miracle!

  11. Mary Panzer

    What a great delivery. I am so glad it went so well. Prefect ending to that side of “motherhood” and a perfect beginning to the next! Enjoy!

  12. Mark & Debbie Strickenburg

    Congratulations on your special little blessing ! You all look great !

  13. Cmclean

    Kathleen and Gregg….and Mac! May God bless you and use you to glorify Him.

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