Maccabeus the Video Star.

Here are some videos that Gregg has made as he has been off the whole time on paternity leave.  Apples iMovie has been a great asset!!

Here is his introduction video…

Upon birth Maccabeus held his head up high!  He was placed on my chest and I couldn’t believe it…he was holding his head up looking around!  This video is of him at four days old still holding that head up high mixed in with his supervised tummy time…

And who would guess that he would love the water!  His daddy was captain of the swimming and water polo team in high school so it’s no surprise that he loves the water.  The only time he starts to fuss is when he doesn’t have water on him.  He is destined to be in the pool!

This is a video clip of him deciding it was time to roll over on his own!  He again is only 4 days old here and thinks that tummy time isn’t fun enough. I guess he decided he needed to check out the ceiling fan! We thought that this was just a fluke, but he has done it a few more time since. This boy has strong legs!

Here is a clip of him wearing a hooded sweatshirt for the first time along with some of the sounds that he makes when he is getting tired or well…pooping. But you can see from the clip, in either of this situations he sure does love his pacifier.

This past Sunday we had the privilege of dedicating Maccabeus at our church (Camarillo Evangelical Free).  We were so blessed and honored to have the opportunity to publicly give him back to the God who was so gracious to give him to us.  We know he is just on loan from God and we loved the opportunity to publicly declare it!  We thank our Lord daily for what a gift he is.

Hope you have enjoyed the videos. I know we have certainly enjoyed having such a great subject to video!



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2 responses to “Maccabeus the Video Star.

  1. Koosah

    LOVE the videos!!!! This is the first time I have seen them and they are soooooo precious! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Barbie

    Great videos thanks for sharing. He IS a star!

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