And Unto Them A Son Was Born


This Christmas was so surreal for me. I had dreamed for so long to have a baby in my arms at Christmas, and this Christmas my prayers and dreams were answered. We had so much fun dressing Maccabeus up in all of his Christmas outfits and passing him around from admirer to admirer. It truly made for a new kind of Christmas for us, we loved it!

We usually don’t do Christmas Cards, but this year we had a lot to show off 🙂

Mom and Dad Bowcock were able to come down for all of the Christmas celebrations. It was so nice to be able to celebrate the birth of our Savior and of our little Mac with the family.

Grandpa and Uncle Andrew getting Mac dressed up for Christmas.

Of course we sure did miss my sister and her family. Debra, Norm and their two boys, Canaan (5) and Emmaus (3), live in Africa and due to the time difference they were almost done with their Christmas celebrations by the time we were about to have breakfast. We were so excited to be able to spend some time on the phone talking to the boys about what their day held. It was so fun to listen to their excitement about their day. My favorite was Emmaus saying “Maccabeus”, it was just to die for adorable!

Thank God for technology!

Look what we got under the tree!

You can not read the gift tag on Mac in this photo but it reads “To: Gregg and Kathleen From: God”.  He is definitely a gift from God.

Love this little man.

Mac getting some cuddles from Auntie Critter.

After spending the Morning at our house we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Rutldege’s house for Christmas Lunch. YUM!

Great Grandma Lynn was exited to see Mac.


Auntie Critter always knows how to make any occasion sweeter.

Mac giving Grandma and Grandpa smiles.

Hanging with Grandpa B.

We were also very excited to be able to see my cousin Cherry and her family who live in Arizona. Cherry lived with us for a while while I was in Jr. High and then again when I was in High School. She has always been an older sister to me, and I was so excited to see her and her family of 6. Cherry prayed a lot for our precious Mac and was excited to show me in her bible passages where she had noted times she prayed that God would give us a baby and to save his life. It was a special moment. I loved watching her and the family with Mac. Warmed my heart to tears.

Cherry spending some special time with Maccabeus.

Everyone got in on the Mac action. He loved it!

We loved watching the girls make some serious static! I think they had fun too. :=) 

It worked!

We continued the Christmas Celebrations by taking the family up to see two of dads brothers and family. We were especially excited to see my cousin Justin and his wife Leah who are due in just a few short weeks with baby girl Madison. We are excited to meet her upon her arrival.

Maccabeus and Leah.

Gregg and Justin love chatting about Apple products. Usually works out for my benefit! 🙂 New hard dive? I think yes.

Smiles all around!


This has been a very blessed time for us this Christmas. A Christmas we will not forget and look forward to doing again next year. And who knows, maybe we will  have baby number two on the way? Here is hoping!

Merry Christmas!!



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2 responses to “And Unto Them A Son Was Born

  1. Barbie

    awesome I almost feel like I was there. So precious.

  2. Mary Panzer

    Gives you a little different perspective when you read, “And God gave His only son…” and “Mary pondered all these things in her heart” doesn’t it?

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