The Best Mothers Day Gift


Besides my Wedding Day, Mothers Day is a day I have dreamt of since I was a little girl. And as of tomorrow we will be celebrating it as a mother!




I can not thank you enough for making this dream come true. There was not a single show of selfishness on your part on this long road to parenthood. Thank you for getting us on a budget, for working tireless overtime hours to pay off our debt and save the money to go to Thailand. You never complained and took every opportunity God brought your way to work those long extra hours. Thank you for finding a way for us to have babies years before we thought we would be able to. Thank you for being the strong leader that has brought us to the point we are at now. There were so many days that I could have let my mind go to sad and dark places, but you were there with words from the Lord to strengthen my heart and lead me to joy. Thank you for holding my hand and wiping my tears. Thank you for taking my hand and going before the Lord in prayer at every hard and joys moment. You did everything that you could to make my dreams come true. Not only the dream of being a mommy but also of being married to a Real Man of God. I am blessed to be celebrating this Mothers Day with you and our very special son Maccabeus. Thank you for following the Lord and leading me on this wonderful and very exciting journey to parenthood.

Thank you for the best Mothers Day gift ever- Your love for the Lord and the wonderful example you are  to our son and to me.

You are my hero. I love you.

-Kathleen Image



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3 responses to “The Best Mothers Day Gift

  1. Tami

    What a beautiful post! I love this so much. Thank you Lord for this sweet testimony! Love you so much… Mom

  2. Beautiful! Happy First Mothers Day Kathleen!! Your post made me cry tears of joy for you and your sweet family!

  3. Awesome post + picture of Mac and teddy. DYING! 🙂

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