Took A Pregnancy Test Today

Yup, after all of the planing and prepping there is one thing that I have no control over. My period. Sorry, I know for some of you this is a bit TMI (To Much Information), but God uses this particular aspect of our IVF planning to teach me a lot and I want to share with you about Gods awesomeness!

First just a bit of background information. Gregg and I have to schedule our trip long before we know when by body needs to see the Dr. So we have to guess and rely on Faith. Faith that God will have us there just when He wants us to be.  So as we got closer to this trip we took a very close look at where my period was predicted to fall and therefor when the tranfer of the embryos would need to take place (14 days after my period starts). What we found was that I was going to miss being in Thailand by 2 days on either side of our trip! This was a real moment of relying on God to show us what to do. We were blessed by the peace that he gave us as we looked into options. After discussing the details with the Dr we decided to put me on birth control to stretch out my normal 28 day cycle by a week or so. That way we would be in Thailand for the dates needed. BUT even with Birth control my period came 4 days early! Only 24 days after my last period.

I love that in these moments we get to rely on God and trust that HIS plan is BETTER than mine! So, after looking into options we moved our flight earlier by 4 days. This was only possible after we got Gregg’s work schedule and found the that office had grouped together his work days and gave him his days off right before the trip! What a direct blessing from the Lord!

BUT!!!!! Here is the kicker!!! I am now officially 1 week and a day LATE!!! SO NOW WHAT??? God is stretching our faith. I love that He is faithful to do this on a regular bases, makes these larger tests seem so much smaller. So this morning I took a pregnancy test.

It is funny to be relived for the first time ever to get a “not pregnant” result, although if it was Pregnant we would celebrate like no ones business!! So what now? Looks like I will be put on Hormones for a week and then taken off to trigger my period. But as we have seen trying to control these things is like me going outside and telling at these Santa Anna winds to go away! It is so up to the Lord.  I am glad, because these winds are not listening to  me much less my body! As it stands if we do a week of meds and my period does come we are cutting the transfer day extremely close to our leaving date.

My Prayer right now:

“Lord, I am so thankful that I can sit here in all of this uncertainty and be at peace. Peace that only you can give. I am thankful for your plan and your power. I know that this could all be a different way if that is what you thought would be best for us. I am thankful for your words that bring us comfort to hold on to. Thank you for being faithful to test me along my days. Thank you for stretching my faith and putting me in the refining fire. I am a better follower of you because of it. My love runs deeper because of it. Please give give Gregg and I special verses to share with each other as the day goes on.  I love you.”


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  1. Mom

    Crying here…. God is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your faith as you walk through this time. it is so encouraging to me. I love you.

    Mom R.

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