Hello Korea! Goodbye Korea!

After our flight from LAX was delayed about 2 hours we thought there was a possibility that we may miss our flight from Korea to Thailand. Sure enough, we landed in Korea after our flight to Thailand had already left. Luckily Korean Air takes very good care of their passengers in this situation. Image

Let me back up a bit to review our very very long flight here yesterday. We did not really mind being delayed, it gave Mac a chance to get a lot of his wiggles out. Unfortunately when we did board the plane with early family boarding we found that the air conditioning was not going to be working until we started to move. Let me tell you, that AirBus 380 was full of a lot of people and if I could have stripped off my clothes I would have! Lucky for Mac he could! We sat at the bulkhead with an attachable bassinet for Mac and nice and close to a big bathroom. We sat next to a very nice older Korean woman who we found out has 11 grandchildren so she was very understanding to all of the up and down that we did. We LOVED having the basinet! Mac was able to take (2) two hour naps and loved playing in it and under it. Made our life MUCH easier!!! Image


Once we got to Korea we had been up for what felt like 24 hours! We were tired! Then after going though immigration, and waiting for them to find our luggage we were off to Customs. 2 hours after we landed we were off to the Hyatt Regency close to the airport. Our night went as well as to be expected. Mac napped and had a wake time from 3:00 to 5:00. I asked Gregg if we could sleep in shifts. He offered to take the first, and ended up taking Mac out  in the Ergo baby carrier and walked around till he fell asleep. I woke up at 7:00 when Mac did. What an amazing husband I have!


Then It was off to breakfast, the pool, lunch, naps and repacking. We have really loved our time here in Korea and are not bummed by this stay over at all. We are about to leave the hotel in just a while to head to the airport. Mac is taking a nice long nap, i am a bit jealous.

Watching the World Series


I am now taking estrogen to help by body be ready to accept our babies and give them a warm welcome. I look forward to sharing more about the amazing things that God taught us through waiting for my period to start. Now we are looking at a timeline that is perfect!

We will be posting soon from Thailand!! Thanks for reading!

And can I just say, Gods plans are so much better than our own!!!

Proverbs 16:9 The mind of man plans his way,

But the Lord directs his steps.

Gregg “pegging” his pants. Bringing back 1992!


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  1. Mom

    Love this post! I love watching God’s plan unfold with you. Thank you for sharing so we can be a part of it too!

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