Chang Mai…our home away from home (by Gregg)

Our PoolWe are so excited to be back and Chiang Mai. It’s truly our home away from home. After our unexpected overnight stop in Korea, we sure were looking forward to getting here. our flight from Korea to Chang Mai was quite interesting. I’m pretty sure we were the only blonde people on the whole plane. We sat near a guy who lives in Chang Mai but is an American. We told him our story and why we are coming… and his reply was” I lived in Chang Mai for 14 years, and I have never heard of anyone doing that here.” So we arrived around 11 o’clock in the evening and immediately was was greeted by the balminess of the Chang Mai air.  When we left Camarillo, Santa Ana winds were making it quite unpleasant place. I kept complaining that my nose was so dry.  Needless to say a trip to Chiang Mai cured that almost immediately.

The last time we were here, we were not able to stay in the hotel we initially wanted to as they were booked up solid for six months. So this time we made sure I made our reservations far in advance. Last time we were here we need to word many of the hotels and serviced apartments to find the right one for us.  This time we are especially excited to have a room that has a kitchen and a separate bedroom as now we have a kid and it’s great to be able to put him in a separate room while he takes a nap.

Going anywhere for 3 1/2 weeks takes a lot of preparation when you pack. So this time I called ahead and make sure our hotel had a baby crib available so we wouldn’t have one less thing to pack it takes up a lot of room.   But what happened was a perfect example of man being faithful to make his plans and God directing his steps. When they delivered the crib, we could hear it coming down the hallway as it was made of metal and looks like it was from an insane asylum. It was also about 5 1/2 feet off the floor and the rails on the sides were not quite high enough to prevent a child from climbing over if he really wanted to. So needless to say, none of us slept very well that first night. Maccabeus would finally get to sleep, and then would shift around in the bed, hit his hand or head on one of the metal rails and wake himself up.  Again this was another example of God being faithful to bring trials to my life to increase my faith.  I wasn’t mad that my son was sleeping, I was just sad for him because I knew how tired he was. Poor Guy.


The next day our rental car was delivered, and the first thing we did was venture out to try and find an American pack and play. We got the local market, named Big C, which is similar to a Walmart. They have from baby cribs, but they also were made of metal and had some the same issues that the hotel one had. So I called my friend John Briggs, who lives here in Chang Mai, and ask him for some advice on where I could buy an American pack and play. For those of you who have read our journey the last time we were here, John was the guy who does Muy Thai fighting here in Chang Mai. He’s known by the locals as “Crazy Ghost”.  John is very resourceful and has many friends here. He posted the need on his Facebook wall and within five minutes had a response. John called me and said “Hey my buddy Ray has a pack and play for you, but he lives kind of north of the city a little bit of a drive to go pick it up.” After the night we had previously, I didn’t care how far I would have to drive long as I could get a real pack and play. We arrived at Ray’s house, and were greeted by him outside on the driveway. We really hit it off, and talked for about 20 minutes. He’s a great Christian brother, and has his own mission organization which works a lot with local orphanages. So at the end of our conversation, he invited us to dinner with his family that night. We were sure excited to have some fellowship the first day that we were here!  So we headed back to our hotel, I put Maccabeus down for his nap and his newfound pack and play. He slept for over four hours. That was such a great relief for us.

So that evening we return to Ray’s house.  We had several hours of fellowship with his family. Ray and his wife Candace have two girls. They live in Thailand for about six years, and Chang Mai for about three of those six. he started his own mission organization called Outpour Movement. Kathleen mentioned that our friend Jade came to Thailand to serve and we were excited to find out that they knew her!  What a small world we live in!  We are so blessed to have met this couple, all through the need of a pack and play. I am so thankful that God is who He is and truly orchestrates all the details of our life. If the hotel hadn’t had such a crappy crib, we  would have never met such a cool couple.

Another blessing from the Lord came though Crossfit. I have been crossfitting very consistently for the past few months and I was very excited to see that Chang Mai had a CrossFit gym!  I had my first workout there yesterday, and the humidity just killed me! I went back this morning for my second workout, and it was just as brutal as the first.  So back to that guy we sat next to on the plane from Korea, he was there…  Again such a small world.

I introduced myself to several other people at gym, and again met some really cool people.  One guy named Mike  is a youth pastor here in Chang Mai. We hit it off, and he’s having us over for dinner!

So Chiang Mai truly has become our home away from home.

Thank you all for your prayer support, we are having a wonderful time.

Proverbs 16:9

English Standard Version (ESV)

The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.

Matthew 6:26

English Standard Version (ESV)

26 Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?



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4 responses to “Chang Mai…our home away from home (by Gregg)

  1. Grandma Lynn

    Loved this! -Grandma Lynn

  2. ray

    You guy’s are cool people!

  3. Mom

    Awesome post Gregg! Keep em coming! love you!

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