Fight! Fight!

John getting ready to show all of us what he is made of.

When we were here in CM almost two years ago our friend Josh Drake introduced us to Josh’s friend John Briggs who is a missionary here in Thailand and a Muay Thai fighter in his spare time! He told us that they called him “Crazy Ghost”. I completely understand where this name comes from. John is obviously white compared to his usually counterparts and to be fighting here he must be crazy! We enjoyed his fight last time and this time was no different. Gregg, Gary, Paul, Jade meet up with Sean Arvin and his father-in-law along with some other americans who were all there to cheer on our friend in the ring. I stayed home with Mac.  I was bummed to have to miss the fight, but Gregg got some great photos.

John told us that this is him making a heart with his arms- but it was a bit hard to do with the gloves.


I would not want to be that guy!

He is down!

After only two rounds this poor guy was not ready for the fury that John had to bring. He looked at his coach, took a drink, laid against the ropes, took a look at John and called the fight a loss. I am sure he was happy to be done with the Crazy Ghost!



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2 responses to “Fight! Fight!

  1. Honored as always. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Mom

    Yikes! I want to be that kind of warrior with the Word!


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