Waterfalls and Friends

Friday was our busiest day yet. On the schedule for the day; Breakfast, Gregg , Gary and Jade go workout at Crossfit Chaing Mia;  lunch at the mall for some of our favorite treats; waterfalls with Ray and his family; Three Little Pigs resturant with the Arvins, then our friend John Brigg’s Muay Thai fight. Whew! I am not going to go over a lot of the details form the day but I do want to share with you some photos of our day, especially the waterfall with old, new and newer friends. These falls are over 185 feet tall and breathtaking!

Jade and her dad Gary who came to visit her while she works here with Life Impact.

Gary showing us his skills

It was just our group at the falls. It was so cool! We felt like locals!

Before we meet up with Ray he went on a hike with his two friends who are visiting from Louisiana. On the hike he meet a couple from Colorado, Ray’s home state. They decided to hop in the back of Ray’t truck and come to the falls with the rest of us. So in the end there was  Ray’s family, Our Family, Gary, Jade, Paul, and two other couples. The falls were all ours! So much fun.

A few got in the water and went swimming including Gary.

Gregg, Mac, and Ray


Ray, Candice, and Tayanna. Their eldest daughter Miley was at school.

We may have just meet some of these people but we sure did feel like friends!


Lemon Grass! our favorite drink from the Mall. We had to get some for Gary, Jade and Paul. Along with our favorite dishes- CowSoyGuy and Sticky rice and Mango. YUM!

Mac loved playing with Tayanna who is just a few months older.

After our long day at the Falls we were off to dinner with the Arvins who just had a baby girl 3 days prior! I will be posting about seeing them at the hospital later. 🙂 Check out the next post for photos of the fight!

We are loving all of the community that God has brought to us while we are here in CM.  He seems to just bring blessing upon blessing to us. What a great time to recharge our batteries before we go thought one one the most testing an emotional times of our lives. I will admit even though I am loving all of this relaxing, I am ready to meet my bubbles!!!!



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2 responses to “Waterfalls and Friends

  1. Mom

    Love the post so much! I love hearing about your time there and seeing the pictures! I can’t wait till you meet the precious little bubbles too!

    I love you! We love you

    Mom and Dad too!

  2. Dew-z

    Precious Gregg, Kathleen and MAC!!!!!!!!
    Today is Nov. 4 —on this side of the world! I miss you so much and seem to be calling you at the wrong tiimes. Before we go to church today I wanted to just send some love which I am certain that you know is covered in prayer .Although I am writing this somewhat in the middle of your blog I have seen it all—which has been so heartwarming—————–MAC in all photos. Of course, my favortie is the vidoe on the plane BED! Keep posting. Also, I am very thoroughly enjoying Downtown Abbey. Thank you for telling me about it!!!!!
    Love, Mom El Norte

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