Because Of You

I love how God gives us special people in our lives. People to direct us, people to teach and lead us, people to love us, and so much more. One of these special couples is Sean and Nicole Arvin. Gregg has known both Sean and Nicole since he was in high School and a few years ago ran into them at a wedding in their hometown of Fairfield. After talking for a while the subject of our infertility came up. Turns out that Sean and Nicole knew all to well what we were going through. They continued to share with Gregg that when they were in Thailand for some conferences they happen to see a Dr. there that helped them get pregnant with their now one year old son Cade through IVF. They live in China but go to Thailand for conferences and some medical work. This peaked Gregg’s interest especially when they told Gregg that they only spent $4,000 compared to the $30,000 it was going to cost us here in California.

When Gregg came home and told me about what the Arvins had told him we got excited. I was not afraid of doing medical work overseas, especially since Nicole had already done it. Over the next 2 years I talked to Nicole more and more about the details of what to expect when going to Thailand for our first IVF adventure. Nicole was a huge blessing to me in so many ways. It was so nice to have someone who knew exactly what I was going threw not only with IVF but with doing it here in Thailand.  So even though I believe that God sent Sean and Nicole our way, I can say in a way that if it were not for them we would not have Mac.


We were so excited to find out that Nicole was pregnant again with a little girl and due when we were going to be in Thailand for this trip! We were so excited to see this very very special girl. We were so excited to meet Beatrice when she was only 2 days old. What a special gift from God that we would be here for the birth of this very special girl!

First visit with Beatrice! She is so precious!

Two very special babies!

Today we got to go to their home here in Thailand and take photos of the family and spend some time to visit. Here are some photos from our time with the Arvin family this week.

Nicole was blessed to have her parents here in Thailand for the birth of Biea.

So precious!

These three babes all came to being threw a few visits to our Dr. Supreeya and lots and lots of prayer. I love the look that Cade and Mac are making! Classic! Mac is like “Seriously Mom?”. Cade is trying his hardest to smile like Mommy wants and Biea is just happy to be here.

Maccabeus, Cade, and Beatrice.

The parents…

…having fun!

My heart gets pretty emotional when I think about this special family. I am so blessed that the Lord brought them into our lives and that we get to see them at this very special time for both of our families. We look forward to spending some more time with Sean and Nicole before they leave for China next week.


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  1. Mom

    I love watching God work through other people. Thank you for sharing! To God be the glory!!

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