Kantary Hills Friends

The staff here at Kantary Hills are so great. They are so helpful and very sweet. There are a few people that we have come to know even though they may not speak any english.

The first is our housekeeper.  She is the most outgoing woman and very animated. She does not speak any English, but Mac certainly does not mind. Our room is at the end of a long hallway and so as we come or go from breakfast or any outing, she is quick to come see Mac as we pass by. Mac was a bit unsure about her enthusiasm when he meet her the fist few times, he would give her a good look over. But after a few days he seems to look for her when we enter the hall. He gives her a good laugh or two as she comes out to give him a good tickle and chat. It is too cute. I’ll get a picture of her and post it on here, or even better a video!

“Hello Mac!”

There are the staffers at the morning breakfast buffet. There is a very sweet girl that has learned Mac’s name and is quick to come say hello and help us is any way. This morning Mac was extra friendly with her even playing his version of peek-a-boo with her. He even reached for her. She was very happy to hold Mac and play some games with him. Then one of the guys that works there came over with cloth napkin origami for Mac. He had made a beautiful flower that Mac was thrilled to pull apart. Silly boy! Then He made Mac a crown to put on his head, although I think Mac had more fun putting it over his face and playing peek-a-boo with it.

Flower from a new breakfast friend.

A crown! Or maybe it is a perfect face cover for peek-a-boo!

Best Peek-A-Boo laugh ever!!!

After Breakfast Mac helped me with the Laundry! He loves the fact that this Washer is right at his level. He likes to sit and watch the wash as it goes around and around! Or even better play with the door when the washer is empty!

Such a good helper!

Just wait and see who brought us lunch!! Hint: He’s a ghost!



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