Orchids and Ghosts

Today Gregg, Mac and I went to the Orchid farm. It was so fun to walk around and see all of the different kinds and colors that they had. Here are some photos that we took on our phones. Turns out I forgot to get the memory card from the computer. Oops!


Mommy and Mac hanging out in the background.


Mac enjoyed his view from his cozy seat.


After we took a nice walk around the gardens we took a break at the coffee shop in the middle of the garden. I loved all of the old furniture and the over all style of the shop. I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of some of the cool stuff they had.

Really liked the fan. To bad it wasn’t running! 

I can just imagine a whole family gathered around this t.v.

Mac had a great time at the Coffee Shop, especially because he got a taste of Thai Iced Tea! yumm!!!

Then for Lunch we had our friend John Briggs over. We were treated to a really yummy Thai lunch that he picked up to share with us. It was so so yummy! We will definitely be getting that meal again soon! The best part for me was watching Mac with John. Mac took a while to check out this awesome guy with the crazy beard! But once he figured out the beard he really liked John! I have to say, John is great with kids! Mac couldn’t keep his eyes off of him!

What is that?

Can I touch it?

Mac really liked John but was not sure what to do with the beard! haha He sure did like staring at it!

Well that is just a bit about our day! Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun! It is Gregg’s birthday and we are planning on going to see the elephants and the monkeys! Till tomorrow!




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2 responses to “Orchids and Ghosts

  1. Mom

    That was so great!! So very Mac to check everything out!! Can’t wait till the next post!

  2. Erin

    I love reading about your trip! Thanks for sharing, and allowing us to be apart of the special and personal time. Love you guys, and praying for you daily.

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