Happy Birthday Gregg!

Today was Gregg’s Birthday! We had such a fun day full of great people and fun adventures. We, well Gregg, started off the day by sleeping in. Isn’t that the best?! I thought it was a pretty awesome gift. After sleeping in there was our breakfast at the hotel restaurant. We really like this place for breakfast, they have eggs to order and lots of fruits and veggies, great for our Paleo eating. But as a treat this morning Gregg had two of their tiny pancakes with real maple syrup! Yum! Then it was back up to our room for Mac’s nap.

After Mac got up we were off for our first adventure. Fist on the docket, Monkeys!

New family Photo??

Dirty Looks! Talk about a dirty look between these two! This was sooo cool but it got even better! besides all of the cool things the different monkeys did they also rescued Gregg who had been tied up!

Help Me!


No big deal, just got a monkey on my back.

Baby Monkey.


Having fun with the monkeys!

Then we were off to see the Elephants! This was something that Gregg and I wanted to do last time we were here but never made it to. So this time we made sure we went and what a better day than Gregg’s Birthday!

The first part of the elephant camp was a really great show with lots and lots of elephants showing off many skills. They were quite amazing and very entertaining. Mac sat and watched the whole show!

Playing soccer!


They painted some amazing paintings right before our eyes!

So cool!!

After the show Gregg, Mac and I went for a 30 Min elephant ride all through the forest around the elephant camp. This was just the coolest! Our guide sat on the elephants head and hummed as we made our way through the walk. The elephant was so gentle and so strong! I am not even sure exactly how to explain the ride other than “Awesome!” We thoroughly enjoyed the ride and look forward to doing it again some day.

What a great day!!!

After our great adventures at the Monkey and Elephant camps we headed back to our hotel for a swim and dinner date with the Arvin’s. It was such a nice time of relaxing and hanging out with friends. I especially loved watching Mac and Cade while they swam with their Daddies. Mac is getting much more comfortable with the water and learning how to swim a bit! And then there was Cade! He was such a go getter and so brave! He spent most of the time jumping and swimming toward Sean with no floaties! This is a new adventure for him and he did great!! He also really liked the spa or as he called it “The hot springs”. Too cute!

After swimming we went to the hotel restaurant for what they call “Carvery Night”. Lets just say this was a Paleo dream! BUT since it was Gregg’s birthday we treated our selves to anything on the buffet. I will admit I really did enjoy the cream puff at the end of the night! But the treats were not over! After dinner with the Arvin’s we went for birthday cake with Ray and Candice. They treated us to ice cream cake with candles for Gregg. Such sweet friends to hang out with all afternoon and evening! We had a great time!

Happy Birthday To You!


Gregg and Ray celebrating Gregg’s 33rd!

Happy Birthday Gregory. I love you so much and am so blessed to be here with you in Thailand. I love that we are here with the same goals and desire to bring Glory to God. You are an amazing husband and continuously lead me to the Lord and all that he has to offer to us. I am so excited about the possibility of adding to our family. You are an amazing father and I am blessed to have Mac in our lives and he is very blessed to have you as his Father. You are an Amazing Man. I love you. Happy Birthday Babe!

Kisses for Gregg.





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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Gregg!

  1. Mom

    What a great day! Happy Birthday Gregg! We love you too and are so proud of you. Mom and Dad Rutledge

  2. Chris

    Looks like a fun, action packed day!!

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