For Your Babies

Today after we went to the Night Safari we headed to our second appointment with Dr. Supreeya. I was really looking forward to what the ultrasound would show. Based on what we found we may have a transfer date!

When we got to the clinic we only had to wait about 10 minutes to see Dr. Supreeya! This is not normal, she usually has an hour plus wait. I had been having some cramping for the last 30 minutes and was glad that I did not have to sit in the waiting room for that long. And then I was able to ask Dr. Supreeya about the cramping, something that was quite concerning. Was I starting my period before we could even do the transfer or was this a side effect of the estrogen I was taking? I knew one thing, this was a real exercise of my faith with the emotions and thoughts that could take over all of my thoughts if I was not able to really think on the Lord and trust in Him.

Mac and Daddy

Dr. Supreeya said that the cramping was not normal, but it still could be a side effect of the estrogen. So again just a time to really rely on God and control my thoughts. This was a time to think on things that are “pure, lovely, and true” as Philippians 4 says. Then she did the ultrasound to see how my uterus was reacting to the meds. The other day I was measuring at a 6.5 and she wanted me at an 8 by today. She was really pleased by what she saw. But after she took the measurement she was disappointed to see that according to the ultrasound I was only measuring a 7.  She was sure it was thicker than that so she keep measuring, in the end she measured a 7.5 and was satisfied with that. I was thrilled. She did up my meds to taking it every 4.5 hours instead of 4 times a day.

She then talked dates with me. She wants to see me tomorrow at 3:30 to see how my lining looks, she is hoping for a 8. If we are at an 8 she will then put me on Progesterone.  This will mean we are close to the transfer! As a matter of fact if all is good tomorrow she will schedule the transfer date for Wednesday! I was thrilled! I love having a date!!!

After our meeting she sent me to the clinic office for a blood draw. As I was about to have the blood drawn Dr. Supreeya came over to tell me that the blood they were drawing now was for the embryos! They will use it in the petri dish for the embryos as they start to grow again. As soon as she said this I got very emotional and super excited. My blood was going to give life to my babies once again. Who would not just melt hearing this.

Lord please bless all three of our bubbles with life.

Me telling Gregg to take a picture of the blood. 🙂

As soon as we left the clinic Gregg prayed for our babies and for the cramping I was still experiencing.  I loved that he thanked the Lord for loving us enough to bring us things like the craping to grow us and not leave us to be complacent and stagnant in our faith. Gregg has done a great job of helping me just relax tonight. Taking it easy and keeping the stress down is the job I will have for the next week or so.

So Tomorrow (Sunday) at 3:30 we will be seeing the Dr. to check on the lining and possibly start taking Progesterone.  Then Tuesday they take the bubbles out of “deep freeze”. Then Wednesday is the day we meet our babies and bring them home.

So thankful for God’s love for us and our babies.

Jeremiah 1:5a “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…”



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4 responses to “For Your Babies

  1. Amen! You have our prayers! Thank u for sharing your journey! God is up to something big!

  2. Mom

    Beautiful testimony to the Lord. Love you and the precious bubbles so much. SO thankful that God does too! Kneeling in prayer and thanking God with you.

  3. Erin

    This brought me to tears! Thank you for sharing. And praying with you, knowing The Lord is in control and His plans are always for our good. Love you all, your bubbles included!

  4. Lorena

    I’m reading this as I hold my beautiful 3 month old nephew, and I thank God for everything He is blessing you and Greg with. Thank you Lord for the gift of life!

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