Night Safari at Three PM

Today was a great day full of rest and busyness. We started off the day getting up and heading to breakfast. I gave myself a treat at breakfast and had a ham and cheese omelet.  Usually I skip the cheese but I was feeling like a treat was in order!

Then it was up to our room for a nap! This was one of those awesome naps, the kind that when you wake up you thought you were waking up in the morning, not just a nap. Ahhh. Wonderful!

After such a restful morning we headed out for a short trip to the Night Safari. Gregg and I did not go to the Safari last time we were here because we thought we had to take a bus and stay out there either all day or for hours late at night. Well after spending time with the Arvins we found out that they have a kids play area that  you can go for just an hour to. So we thought this would be a cool place to go for the afternoon before our follow-up appointment with Dr. Supreeya.

The Night Safari is way different than I thought! It is like a really great zoo and safari mixed into one. We did the cheap Walking portion of the safari. We thought this meant we would be just going to the play area. Well we skipped the play area all together!

We will be going back again when we do not have to rush off to a Dr. appointment. This place was so cool. To start off there was a mini zoo when we got to the parking lot and deer everywhere!! Here are some photos from our time.

I want to get closer!!

We are smiling, but these poor baby tigers…. I think they usually get them our for photos with you.

We could have walked up and pet this peacock.They were all over the place!

This Chimp was carrying around a water bottle and would fill it up and then drink it.

so close!

Mac wants to see!

Mom this is for you!

Cool little guy! I wish I was here with Canaan and Emmaus, they would have loved the fun things we saw!

Next up…. IVF details! This is going to be a great post with all the first set of details that we have been waiting for!


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