The Number 8

If you have been keeping up with out blog you will have read that we have been praying that my Uterin lining would reach a healthy thickness of 8cm. Dr. Supreeya was hoping I would be at an eight 2 days ago but I was only at 6.5. This was a great time to be thanking the Lord for the fact that He is in control and we did not need to fret.

Mac and Daddy hanging out while we wait to see Dr. Supreeya

I also was experiencing some cramping which was worrisome. Again all I had to do was trust in the Lord and think on things that were “true and lovely”. 2 days later I was at a 7.5! So close! At the end of my appointment they drew blood that they will use to give the right “home” for our embryos to grow before they transfer them to me!

Mac waiting while watching some videos on the iPad. He loves to go from flat foot to tiptoes! Such a cutie!

Today was a second checkup to see where I was at. We were excited to see a nice strong 8cm! Perfect for our babies to “come home” to! After a short celebration Dr. Supreeya sat with me to go over the meds. I am now taking progesterone along with the estrogen I have been taking. I am on a strict regimen to make sure I give our babies the best chance possible.

On Wednesday we will go to Lanna Hospital to do the transfer! We will arrive at 11:30 and be done with the transfer by 1:3o at the latest. This time Dr. Supreeya will be doing the actual transfer. When we came the first time her co-worker had to due it due to Dr. Supreeya being out of town.

Happy Day! We are scheduling the transfer!!!

We are also celebrating Mac’s 1st birthday that day!! Our precious little boy will be turning ONE!!! We might just have to celebrate over the next few days! Or maybe birthday cake at 9:00am!? What a fun filled day!!!

A very happy family!! Maybe a larger family in a few (long) months??

Here are a few other photos from today. 🙂

Breakfast in bed? I think yes!

Mac had a big boy shower today after an afternoon swim.

Today we felt a very long earthquake that originated in Burma. Its a good thing we are used to earthquakes. I could tell right away that it was from afar. I was actually facetiming with my Mom when we felt it!





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3 responses to “The Number 8

  1. Mom

    Love this! Praying with you and for you!

  2. Erin Torres

    Yay number 8!! Excited and continuing to pray.

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