Today is a day of rest for me. I know what you are thinking, but being in a foreign country with a one year old and with all of the activity that is coming up on Wednesday I thought it would be a good idea to purposefully rest. I needed to spend some time letting my body rest and sleep when it felt like it needed it. I think this is one reason I really do enjoy doing IVF here in Thailand. If I decide to take a day off, I am OFF! No house to care for, no prior commitments, no random knocks on the door, and no errands to run. Although there is still this precious ball of energy who keeps interrupting me while I try to write this post. 🙂 Love Him!

“NoNo Mac. No touching the Computer.” Time to play for a bit!

Today I had a few treats thanks to my wonderful husband! After letting me sleep in while watching Mac, he ordered me room service breakfast, put Mac down for a nap and took our laundry out to be done. Usually we do the laundry ourselves . We have a washer here but have to line dry our clothes which leaves them stretched out and “crunchy”.We would have the laundry done here but unfortunately the laundry service here at the hotel is really expensive and the place we used last time we were here is now gone. Even the place we were recommended to is closed for a vacation. But Gregg persevered and found a new place today! They even had it done with in 3 hours!!!

Out with the old…

YEA!!!! We have soft and normal fitting clothes again!!!! I was saving an outfit for us all that we had not worn for the trip back home but now it is all soft!!!! Woo Hoo!! Thanks Babe!!!

…in with the new! Ahh..

Then when Mac woke up from his nap Gregg took him off to the play area at one of the malls nearby. They had a great time! You think the play area at the Thousand Oaks mall is cool…

Sooo much fun!!!

We are definitely going here again! So much fun for Mac!

This was a great break for me to spend some time in the word and prayer as we get closer and closer to the transfer date and meeting our bubbles. This was a sweet time for me and the Lord.  Then I spent time catching up on Facebook and Emails. It is funny being so far off of California time when I am up and ready to chat with family and friends they are off to bed! Oh well not for to much longer. Then I got to catch up on some of my Mary Kay work and communication.

Gregg and Mac got home about an hour and a half later and brought home some roasted chickens and sticky rice! This is some of the best Chicken I have had here. I love having pre-cooked chicken on hand for some good meals for Mac and yummy Paleo friendly snacks for Gregg and I. After lunch we put Mac down for his afternoon nap and Gregg and I had some rest time together.

We enjoyed spending some time on our patio watching the clouds and some rain come and go. I love spending time with Gregg when we both have no real responsibilities! What a treat right??! Love it!

My play date! Always such a good cheerleader!

Gregg has been going to CrossFit Chiang Mai while we have been here. It is nice that he has been able to keep up on his workout routine while we are here. To bad they don’t have Stroller Strides Chiang Mai! Before Gregg left for the afternoon workout he went and picked up and dropped off more laundry and grabbed me a hot cup of coffee from Starbucks. Mac and I took the short trip downstairs to pick up our newly washed and dried laundry and the coffee for me. What service!

Ahhh. Christmas Starbucks and Blogging.

Now Mac and I are spending the afternoon with the doors to the patio open and enjoying the “cooler” weather we are having today. I will tell you, I can not wait to have some real cold weather when we get home! I hope the Santa Ana’s don’t decide to come and ruin our cold Thanksgiving!


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