Happy Birthday Maccabeus!

Our most precious baby boy is one year old!! Our tiny little baby boy has done a lot of growing this past year. I have loved being around for all of it!

Mac at only a few cells! At least we think this is Mac 🙂

After Coming home from our first trip to Thailand and our first try at IVF we were so excited to have this next picture of Mac at only a few weeks old! Our bubble is getting bigger! We were thrilled beyond thrilled and blessed beyond blessed! Look at those happppppy faces!

A very happy Mommy and Daddy to be! 

My life long dream was coming true!

It’s a BOY!

On November 14th just past 3:00 am we welcomed our precious boy into the world!

Our sweet baby Mac.

After a few days in the hospital due to Mac being jaundice we went home on my 30th Birthday! Best Birthday gift EVER!! 

Auntie Debra came to meet her newest nephew!

6 months

7 months


The all important fist full of sand to the mouth!

Look! I still fit in the sink!

Look Mom I found the Cheerios!

Because we would be in Thailand for Mac’s 1st birthday we decided to celebrate with a party on the 11 month birthday. 

Happy Birthday Boy!

Everybody gets to partake in the yummy punch 🙂

First Bite!

I know what’s better than eating cake- sharing cake with Grandma!

Or EVEN BETTER- Sharing cake and a lollie pop!!

Nice and clean!

Friends to keep him company!


Hanging out while the “kids” make custom ties and bow ties.

It was a GREAT day!

We had so much fun celebrating Mac’s birthday with family and friends. But the birthday party does not end there! A Month later we are in Thailand for Mac’s birthday! We were a bit busy with the embryo transfer, but we certainly did not waste any opportunity to celebrate this very special day.

Gary and Jade Young were in town to celebrate along with us! We all went down for a fancy buffet that our hotel puts on once a week. We all enjoyed delicious food and then celebrated with some yummy cake!

Happy Birthday Boy!


Gift time!

I love it! It’s so rubbery!

Jade gave Mac the perfect gift! It is a taxi called a “tuk tuk”. Mac especially loved the front tire, perfect for teething! Happy Birthday Maccabeus! We love you so so so very much and are very blessed to have been given the chance to be your Mommy and Daddy. We can’t wait to see what this next year has to bring!



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Maccabeus!

  1. Love all of the pictures!! I love seeing the progression of Gods goodness and faithfulness starting with the precious pictures of the 8 cell baby. What a miracle! Happy Birthday Mac!

  2. Mom

    So precious!! This grandma is crying. Love that little boy! What a precious gift from God!

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