The Lights Went Out And I Knew My Babies Were On Their Way To Me.

Now that I am back to the land of the living after 2 days of “Thai Flu”  I wanted to share with you the details of the transfer. There is something amazing about the whole thing and I would hate to not recount it.

Wednesday Morning was a very special morning, not only was it the morning of the transfer but it was Mac’s birthday! We started out the morning with breakfast at the hotel restaurant with Jade and Gary. It was so nice to have friends to celebrate this moments day with. I was definitely a glow! Even one of the couples that we had meet and gotten to know a bit asked me if this was the morning. She said she could tell by the glow on my face and the lightness on my feet. It was true, I could feel it.

Happy Birthday Mac!

As soon as we were done eating breakfast we left Mac with Gary and Jade and headed off to the hospital. Once again it was a surreal trip to Lana Hospital. Gregg prayed for  us and our babies. He asked me if I was going to ask for the anti-anxiety drugs. I told him that I was glad It was an option but that I was not anxious, the babies were in God’s hands and I trusted Him.  If circumstances were different I might have taken them, but this time I was good to go.

When we got to the hospital I went to the registration desk and handed them my half sheet of paper. The lady asked if I had been there before and I answered “Yes”. It brought back so many wonderful memories of our transfer with Mac. She then sent me to the “intake” where my weight, temperature, and blood pressure were taken. After waiting for a few minutes a nurse came and escorted Gregg and I to the Labor/Operating area/ Nursery.  We walked passed the window of babies to the spot where Gregg would leave me. Gregg had me take my phone in just in case. I almost shoved it back in his hands, but just took it with me anyways. I slipped off my shoes and slipped on the slippers they provide at the entry to the Operating wing.

It was funny walking into the “locker room” again. I was so familiar with this room I almost needed no instructions. They handed me my robe/gown to change into and showed me the shower stall where I was to change. After changing they showed me a locker to place my clothes. I put my cell phone in the locker with my clothes. But before we walked to the OR one of the girls asked me where my cell phone was, well she made gestures. I showed her my locker. She then attempted to tell me I needed to give it to my husband. But what she said was that I needed to give it to her husband. They girls in the locker room who were all much shorter than me all started to laugh at her mistake all the while holding on to me or touching my shoulder while laughing “with” me.  It was such a funny moment. I felt like a tall while giant who could not communicate with the natives. We had a good laugh.  Then before they could make it to the end of the hall to find Gregg, Dr. Supreeya showed up and offered to hold the phone for me in her purse.

I was happy to see Dr. Supreeya there. Last time we did the transfer I had to wait in the OR completely ready for the procedure for over an hour while the dr. was running late. Dr. Supreeya was out of town for a funeral and so her co-worker was called upon for me transfer. By the time he had gotten there  I was already uncomfortable from laying on a hard bed for so long. So I was very happy to see her there and ready for the transfer. 

They then walked me to the OR where they immediately prepped me for my babies! I was getting so excited. I had to make sure I kept calm! I could hear my heart beat get faster at points. One of the coolest things that God did was give me an opportunity to see things that I was not supposed to see. Because the large ring around the hanging surgical light above me was so reflective I could see Dr. Supreeya’s hands as she would prepare each item for the transfer.

After about 20 minutes of prep the 2 nurses turned off the lights and walked out of the room. I knew what this meant, the babies were on their way! They turn off the light to protect the embryos. As the doors opened again I looked to my left and watched them bring in a small metal case that had my name on it. There they were, my babies. They were so so close to me. Tears ran down the side of my cheeks. They then placed them in a sterile incubator with a microscope atop of it. They removed the lid of the metal case and looked into the microscope. They confirmed that there were three embryos that they would transfer. He then took the embryos via a fancy syringe and handed them to Dr. Supreeya. I could see her hands and she help my babies. Tears again feel down my face as I prayed for these lives that we hoped to meet again.

Dr. Supreeya then told me that they were ready to transfer the embryos to my womb. I gave an excited “OK”. I again tried to calm myself as I could hear my heartbeat on the monitor get faster. After a few seconds Dr. S. told me that they were done. My heart leapt and I took my hand to my lower belly and said a hello to my babies. I knew that even if these precious lives did not make it that they were living now. There were living in me. I had three of our babies in my womb. I continued to thank God for these moments with my babies and thanked Him for loving them even more than I do.

The nursed then transferred me to the recovery bed and once again wheeled me into the recovery room where I would wait for an hour before going home. This recovery room is more like a storage room with space for a few beds. And the bed is more like a board with a bit of foam and plastic. This makes for a difficult hour as my backside starts to go numb with pain. This discomfort is kind of a blessing because otherwise I may never want to get off of the bed.

After about 15 minutes in the recovery room Dr. Supreeya came in to give me some medication. She told me that the embryos were good but not best. They were not as high a quality as Mac was, but that there was still a good chance. This would have given me anxiety, but knowing that this is all up to God and me being faithful to give our babies a good “home”, I was not worried. These maybe my “ugly ducklings” but they were mine and with the Strength and power of my almighty God they were of highest quality!

Happy Mamma! I’v got my babies!

We then chatted a bit about babies and about our trip home and possible trip back to Thailand in the future. After a few minutes her phone rang and she answered. When she got off the phone she said “I am glad my phone rang or I would have forgotten to give your phone back to you”. I was trilled! This waiting room experience as about to get a lot better than last time! I was so excited that God had allowed my phone to make this funny journey back to me.

As soon as Dr. Supreeya left I hoped on and texted Gregg and told him I was done and in the recovery room. I then got onto Facebook and messaged my mom and sisters to tell them that  the transfer was complete.

I also took a few photos of myself and the recovery room. Fancy Hu!? 

I started to get more and more uncomfortable and at the hour mark I was definitely ready to go home. Unfortunately I would have to wait 30 minutes more, Thankfully Gregg was able to be by my side and I was able to roll over and lay on my side. Ahhhhh. So much better!  As soon as Gregg got a nurses attention I was off to the Locker room to change back into my clothes. 

What a funny moment. Things seems to be so normal. I felt normal, but things were not normal. I had three itty bitty babies with me. I came in one and was leaving four.  They wheeled out of the hospital and we were on our way home.

Lana Hospital

As we went home Gregg again prayed for me and our babies. The rest of the day was spend laying around and celebrating Mac’s birthday.


Mac’s new Thai clothes. Just trying to fit in!

Unfortunately that night things turned for the worse. But at the worst moments again I knew that God was in control and I thanked him out loud for loving me and my babies. I thanked Him for the pain and the stretching of my faith. I knew that threw all of the pain and physical  danger that my babies were being put in that God was bigger than my flu. I did not have to be anxious or angry.

Sick Sick Sick.

After 2 days of being very sick and weak I came out of the haze and again thanked God and Gregg for taking such good care of my and Mac. I do not know if my babies still live with in me, but I know one thing. The living and loving God lives with in me. And the faith I had a few days ago has grown and been proven strong. And for that I am very very thankful.

Still weak but the glow is back!



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2 responses to “The Lights Went Out And I Knew My Babies Were On Their Way To Me.

  1. Mom

    Love this post! I love watching God’s finger prints all over this! What a glorious God story! Love you so much!! Mom

  2. Erin

    So glad to know the details and shed tears with you as I read them! So glad to trust and hope in the same Truth – amen, sister! God is alive in you and it is evident. And I’m so, so glad that He is in control of all! Rain or shine, flu or healthy, He is in control and worthy of praise! …still praying!!!

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