Man Down!

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Yup, hours before we were to head out for the airport Gregg came down with the same symptoms I had just days ago. “Thai Flu” hit us again! Poor guy after spending days taking care of me he is not paying the price. It is always so hard to see your usually healthy and strong man so sick. Even at one of his low points he was thinking of me, he did not want me to walk the two blocks to get the meds he needed. Lucky for him it was really no big deal and I was able to get him exactly what he needed.

I thought some cute photos would cheer things up. Mac kept steping on his pants while alternating feet causing his pant so to slowly but surly and repeatedly “fall” down. Eventually they feel off completely!

So we had to face the fact that we needed to delay our flight and hopefully have a place to stay. Thankfully Gregg had purchased trip insurance before we left! So first things first, make sure we have a place to stay in a few hours. I was praying that God would provide a room at this hotel so that we would not have to go far or maybe even stay in our room! This was a big request because this hotel books up half a year in advance! Before I went down to the front desk I called Dr. Supreeya to see if she had a Dr. she could write us the Dr. note needed to show the insurance that we were indeed sick. She was happy to do so and even brought us the note 30 minutes later to the hotel! Talk about service! She was so kind and said she was saying prayers for us. I will admit, I was very happy to see her on last time and give her a big hug.  The letter she brought was a miracle in and of itself!

On our way to breakfast for the “last” time before leaving Thailand. So we thought. 😦

While I was waiting for Dr. Supreeya to come to the hotel I went to the front desk and explained that Gregg was sick and that we needed a room. I asked if they had any rooms available at all, even if we had to move rooms each morning. They said they did and asked how many nights we wanted to stay. Just to be safe I asked to have a room until the 22nd. They said no problem! I was so excited!! I then asked if we needed to move rooms. They said NO!!! I couldn’t believe it! We had the same room for the next 4 days! Hallelujah Praise the Lord!

Spent a little bit of time to celebrate my birthday. I love the pool here!

Now all we had to do was change our tickets. This is where the Lord really showed me some areas he is still working on me and my faith. After getting ahold of a representative who could help me they told me that they could not see what seats were available until they booked me on a flight. They booked us on the flight leaving at the same time as the flight we had for today but on the 20th. They then looked to see if there was a bassinet seat available for Mac. This would mean a seat at the bulkhead. They told me that there was one available. I was so thrilled, the basinet was a great help for us on the flight over, especially the 14 hour long flight.  Then they told me I would not be sitting with Gregg.  This broke my heart. It is so hard to take care of a one year old on a plane with the two of us much less us alone and sitting in the middle of 4 people. Heart break. There was nothing I could do. They would not even give me a price for upgrading to business class because they had already booked me. It was fine I didn’t have the cash anyway. But worth the try right?

Mmmm. Mommy’s watch is yummy!

After I got off the phone I went on line as was able to change gregg’s seat to be next to mine at the bulkhead for the first leg of the journey. I am not sure if they will honor this seeing that the rep said it was not available, but if they do not we will see if we can get seats together somewhere else, hopefully on a isle or next to a window. For the 14 hour long flight I was seated in a middle seat of 4 and gregg was directly behind us. I could see no reason why a person on the isle at a bulkhead would want to trade for a seat in the middle of a regular row so I moved Gregg and I altogether to a window where there are only 2 seats. Even though Mac will have to sit on our laps the whole time I think this is better than where we were.

This little boy is just to funny. This is what you get when you try to get dressed as a one year old. I wish I got a picture of the great smile he had right after this photo!

I will admit I am still working threw this. The flight home has been a large point of stress for me and I have had to hand over my wrong thoughts and dread to the Lord over and over again. This only made it worse. But I see it as a gift from the Lord, a refining fire gift. He is loving me and working on me and showing me parts of my faith that needs working on. I am so glad that he continuously works on us and helps us grow our faith in so many ways. I will admit, I and looking forward to a week from now when we are home and getting more settled in and closer to taking a pregnancy test.

A very happy boy! Praying he will not fall victim to this flu!



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  1. Mom

    Oh man/// so so sorry for Gregg. So glad God is in control of even this. Praying for you. Mom

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