Leaving Thailand


We are finally about to leave Thailand. Our flight leaves at 11:50pm tonight. We are not looking forward to the journey, but are thankful that we will be home soon! Please pray for sleep for all of us and especially for Mac. We will be flying into Korea where we will have a 4 hour lay over. We were luck enough to be able to book a hotel room for a few hours. It will be nice to lay down and get a shower. They will even have a crib for Mac! Then We have a 14 hour flight to LAX. Ahhh… It will be nice to be home!!!! We arrive at 7:45am and will try not to sleep all day to help us get back onto California time!

Our friend Ray will be here in just 20 minutes to take us to the airport. Better get the rest of the small stuff packed! See ya all soon!

This was the restaurant we ate at today. It was so great!!!! We will be eating there again for sure!



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2 responses to “Leaving Thailand

  1. caralee2010

    Okay, guys…praying for smooth flight – in ALL the ways that matter. May time fly! See you all soon…

  2. Mom

    So excited to have you home. I hope Mac does well! So thankful that God cares and asks us to come to Him about such things! Love you.

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