My head is still in a fog but I want to tell you about some of the blessings we encountered along our journey. One thing that I realized was that I had enough faith for the Lord to save my babies but  not enough to bless us with good seats and flights. I love how the Lord knows exactly where He needs to to work on us.

So here are some of the amazing blessings that He brought to us over our 2 days of travel.

1) Mac threw up all over himself multiple times on the ride to the airport. Blessing: We were able to change him and clean him up before we had turned in the luggage. He also very a very happy and content after this sad episode.  Praise the Lord!

All clean and ready for some air time!

2) Gregg and I were praying that the electronic change I made to our seats wold be real for our flight to Korea. When the doors closed on the plane Gregg and I had the bulkhead with a bassinet and the whole row to ourselves!!! We could not believe it!

Mac’s bassinet! It was also a great stand for the iPad when Mac was awake!

3) Mac slept for hours on the plane! We didn’t but he did!!

4) We were able to get a layover hotel room at the Korea Airport! We were able to take showers and sleep in a bed for about an hour and a half! This made our trip feel like a 2 separate days. Praise the Lord!

Our hotel! Loved the crib for Mac!

5) Mac stayed a sleep getting on the plane, to the hotel room, through our hotel stay until we woke him up before getting on the next plane.

6) When boarding the plane to Japan then onto LAX,  I asked the gate agent if there were any seats open that would be better than the seats we had (regular row and next to each other). I did not get an answer other than it was a very full plane. But as we passed the gate agents to board the plane they held us up for some unknown reason. Gregg had me go ahead of him. When he caught up to me he said that they changed our seats for “mask requirements.” I prayed that we would not get worse seats then we had. Nope! We were placed at the bulkhead on the isle with a bassinet!!!!

Mac didn’t mind some time to stand at the chair and of corse he found something to stand on!

7) We were blessed with 2 great guys that sat next to us on the long flight from Japan to LA. They were so sweet to Mac and even at times a help. 🙂

8) Our flight from LAX to Korea was 14 hours long. The flight from Japan was only 10 hours!!! When we were down to 7 hours left I felt like we were already 7 hours down!

9) Mac slept for 4 hours!

10) I needed to lay down for 30 minutes for a medication I have to take for the babies. I did not think I would be able to do this on the plane, but I asked. What can asking hurt! A few minutes later the head flight attendant came and took me up to FIRST ClASS! I was able to lay down for 30 minutes and take my first nap on the plane!

Daddy and Mac. He sure does love his Daddy!

11) We lived. the last 4 hours were by far the hardest. In a 48 hour period gregg and I got about 2 hours sleep. I am thankful that we lived!

12) Mac did AMAZING!!! It could have been a disaster but he did great!


13) Mom and Dad stayed the night at a hotel near LAX so they could be at the airport bright and early. This meant that after they picked us up we got to go to the hotel and shower and change in to clean clothes!!! Talk about making the drive home a blessing!

This trip taught me a lot. One, Ill never leave thailand at 12:00 am ever again. haha! But most of all He grew my faith! I am so thankful for this trip home and all of the times that God said to me “I will take care of you even when you do not think I will.”

Someone is happy to be home. We all are!

He is so faithful to grow us and our faith. I love Him for it. We love Him for it.

Tomorrow morning I take my first pregnancy test! Well… actually just for fun knowing it was too early I took one Thanksgiving morning. I knew it would come up negative but just for the crazy off chance I took it. I got the “best” answer! haha! I got the “defective test” result!

Ha Ha! Loved it. I laughed out loud. But tomorrow I could get a real answer. We shall see what God has for tomorrow!


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