We moved! Twice!

This blog for me has been both a journal and a place of sharing the amazing things God does for and in us through good and hard times. I love looking back and seeing how faithful God has been while we are on this journey. Such amazing reminders. All that to say that his post is really a catch up post I hope to share more of the amazing details of Gods grace in posts to come! 534838_10151836495339225_1632195579_n

So here is what we have been up to over the last 6 months:

Gregg brought to me the idea of selling our beloved home and buying a place together with my mom and dad. I loved it and so did my parents! So a week and a half later we put the house one the market and sold it in one day!998206_10151829005484225_2130114775_nWe then moved into my parents house and got their home of 20 years ready to also be put on the market. It sold in Gods perfect timing and to the most wonderful family. So many amazing stories that I am just skipping right over… 1394051_10152007900179225_1216568598_n

We then moved into our new home that was a true gift from God as well as a real walk of faith. I can not even begin to explain all that God did through this latest journey of faith. But in future posts I will try to share and give God the glory that He deserves!! 1455980_10152058774129225_499109855_n

So you are asking your self “Why would anyone want to sell their beautiful and finished home to move in with their in-laws?!” GOD. That really could be the full answer but here is what God used to show us this plan. My mom, Tami, has had Parkinson’s disease for almost 20 years. Thankfully it is slow progressing and so mom is still very able to take care of herself and my dad. But we all noticed that my moms health was so much better after coming home from taking care of my sister and her family for a month due to my precious niece Berea coming into the world! She was needed.  So that is where we got the idea. Why not live together so mom can do all the hard work for us! Its good for her health right? 😉  Even though this need for mom to be needed would be enough of a reason for us, God showed us continually that this was his perfect plan for our family Parkinson’s or not. We are so thankful for where God has brought us. We LOVE his plan!

1517638_10152262169429225_1410054712_nOk on to the exciting news of IVF! …. there is so much to share and yet I don’t want this post to long so…. lets just go with the facts. Nope can’t to it. God is way to much in the details! You will just have to read the next post. 😉


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One response to “We moved! Twice!

  1. Tami

    Sooooo excited for the journey and so very blessed God has us living together!

    Love you so much…. Mom

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