A few little miracles.

A lot has happened since I last blogged. We have had two rounds of IVF and two miscarages, each with there own complications and difficulties, both bringing us closer to our Lord and savior. I could write a book on the last year and all that we have experienced but ill stick with our latest adventure!

Gregg and I were excited to be able to start another round of IVF this last month. We had been pursuing embryo adoption when we got an email from our Dr. in Thailand replying to an Email we had sent a long while ago. She was letting us know that we did have frozen sperm still in their clinic! This was a game changer for us. The reason we believe that we lost our last to babies were due to genetic issues with the sperm that we had retrieved recently here in the US.  The sperm in Thailand was healthy moving sperm when it was frozen 4 years ago. This was a fresh opportunity at trying IVF again with high quality sperm which would have a greater chance at producing genetically sound embryos! We looked into the costs of traveling back to Thailand for a month and then on a whim looked up the possibility of having the sperm couriered back to the clinic here in Thousand Oaks.

We meet with Dr B to talk to him about Embryo Adoption though the clinic as well as the possibility of bringing Greggs frozen sperm to the clinic. He brought in a nurse who told us that they had a service that they used to do such things and as it turned out they were picking up something for them in Thailand that week! SO we pursued that road and 3 weeks later the sperm was in our clinic here in the states! So the adventure starts.

Day 1 of IVF

Day 1 of IVF

The first part of an IVF round is the egg stimulation and growth. This is where we use injections and pills to stimulate the overies to grow and mature multiple eggs at once on both ovaries. Usually at my age we would hope to get upwards to maybe 20 eggs but because I had endometriosis surgery to remove cysts from my ovaries I lost a lot of eggs so I only make somewhere around 5 and if i am lucky more. This is why i have had to do full rounds of IVF instead of just embryo transfers.

This time around not only did I have the side effects from all the medications but I also have a very bad cold with a nasty cough. When I went in for one of my ultrasounds to see how the follicles, what the eggs develop in on the ovary, were doing we discovered that my left ovary refused to produce any follicles! This was a bit shocking and left us with only what my right ovary produces. Dr. B. said we would be blessed to get 3 or maybe 4 eggs from the right.

I am so glad that God has proven himself worthy of trust and that He has always offered us Peace. Dr. B. said we had a few options. We could abandon what we had so far and stop taking the meds and start again after taking month off.  Our other option would be to could continue taking the meds and “Bank” what ever eggs I was able to make. Because we only have 4 “straws” of tissue with possible sperm from Thailand, and we do not know what they really contain, Dr B. did not want to go though all of the “straws” looking for sperm to fertilize maybe only 3 eggs.

So very sick :( Thankful my Mommy was here to help take care of Mac so I could stay in bed.

So very sick 😦 Thankful my Mommy was here to help take care of Mac so I could stay in bed.

So we prayed and waited to see what the Dr. recommended. Because we were not sure how my body would do making eggs the next time, we decided to move forward with the meds and “bank” the eggs I was making on my right side. Tuesday was my egg retrieval day and we were excited to see what God was ultimately going to do. Everything went really well and as I was waking up Dr. B came in with some amazing news! He was able to get 8 eggs and of that 5 looked mature!!! My body surprised us again! This was such good news. Dr B also told us if we were ok with it he would like to thaw one straw of testicular tissue to see if maybe we could fertilize the eggs we have! We were so excited with this possibility! Later in the afternoon Dr. B called to let us know that after spending an hour of looking for sperm they were able to find 2 very active sperm and fertilized 2 eggs! WOOO HOOO! He told us that he would like to pursue a fresh transfer with these two embryos if things go well with them deciding and if my uterin lining thickens up. Oh man so exciting!

Finally moved from the bed to the couch!

Finally moved from the bed to the couch!

Today I got a call that was unlike any call I have received in years. I heard a very happy Dr on the other line. “I have amazing news for you Kathleen!” said Dr. B.! After spending a total of 5 hours with the microscope they dr was able to find 6 happy sperm and fertilized 6 Mature Eggs!!!!!! SIX!!!!! This is above and beyond what we were even thinking would be a good result from this round of IVF.

Friday I go in to have a lining check done to make sure that my lining has thickened up and will be ready to grow our babies. We will also find out that day how many embryos made it to the blastocyst stage.

Mothers Day is the day that i pray i get to meet two of my babies and bring them home with me! What a special Mothers day!!!

There has been a lot going on this past 2 weeks and I am so thankful that we have a God that Loves us more than we can comprehend and loves my babies even more that we do! With every step I fall in love with our mighty God even more.

Mommy made my IVF Meds a bit more pretty. ;-)

Mommy made my IVF Meds a bit more pretty. 😉



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6 responses to “A few little miracles.

  1. Erin Jones

    Praying for you and your precious family. Your faith is always encouraging and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this journey. Love you all. ((Hugs))

  2. Love the update sis! I’m so excited to walk this journey with you, even though it’s from a distance. You are amazing and your faith is such a great example to us all! Love you guys!

  3. Colleen Tabor

    Our God is an amazing God! Thank you for sharing your faith journey, you are an encouragement.

  4. Noelle Uzzi

    So amazing and so exciting! I love following your updates and praying from afar! Lord Jesus, Your will be done and I pray it’s more babies!!!

  5. Erin

    I Love getting updates and knowing how I can pray for you guys. I LOVE that God, every time I pray for you so fervently during IVF, gives me passages from His Word to encourage you and help me to pray for you. So… We know that man does does live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord (Deut. 8) … Here’s some food for your soul: Is. 26:3-4 “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” I read this today and wanted you to be encouraged that as you keep your mind on Him and trust Him, He will give you amazing peace. He is worthy of our trust. He is such a rock! Praying you are stayed on the rock with your mind and trusting and resting in Him and His perfect peace. Love you guys!

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