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Growing up one way or another we all learn about how babies are made. It is a “simple” as the birds and the bees. Although as i have learned it is not simple at all. It is amazing how many things have to go “right” for a baby to even be conceived. In our case with infertility it got even more complicated and now with embryo adoption we are moving into a world that most everyone knows nothing about and finds it quite confusing. So i thought that I would take some time to answer a few questions that have and could have come up.

What is an Embryo?  An embryo is how we all started out in our very first days. When a sperm fertilizes an egg and it starts to divide we have an embryo, a very very tiny baby.

What is a blastocyst? Usually by day 5 of an embryos existence it stops looking like a bunch of bubbles, cells, and starts to take on whole new appearance.


What is a transfer? A transfer is when the Dr takes the embryo at day 3,4, or 5 and transfers it from the test tube to the womb.

What is a snowflake baby? Embryos that are “frozen in time” and up for adoption are often called snowflake babies. I believe this comes from Nightlight Adoptions that has been doing embryo adoption for quite a while now.

Are there a lot of embryos in frozen storage? Yes there are over 600,000 snowflake babies in frozen storage waiting for a transfer. Not all of them are up for adoption but that is the approximate amount in storage.

Have we been matched with a set of embryos yet? YES!

How soon could you do the transfer? We could do it as soon as the end of this month or beginning of August depending on fundraising, paperwork being completed and my body being ready.

Don’t you still have sperm that is frozen that you brought over from Thailand? If you are adopting what will you do with the sperm? At this point we have decided to keep the sperm in storage until God makes it clear to not.

Do you know the genetic parents that donated these embryos? No

Will your adopted children know their genetic family? There will be a portion of the contract that will allow for contact between the siblings under specific “rules”. We are still in the process of determining the details.

Will we tell our children that they are adopted? Yes we will tell them as young as the Lord leads and how he leads when that time comes.

Is there a guarantee of a successful pregnancy? No there is never a guarantee- God is the only one that knows.

Do you have questions? Send me a message or comment and ill try to answer you as best I can. I just want to thank you all again for all of your encouragement and support. Every encouraging word gives us hope and is a huge blessing. I swear every time I get an encouraging word or a donation to our fundraising i get energy direct to the blood stream! My house is so clean and Mac is getting lots of play time! It is amazing what the emotional support does to the physical body!

Thanks Again!!!



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  1. Tami R.

    This is such a great post Kathleen! Mom

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